Bella Thorne’s novel Autumn Falls is finally available for pre-order this week, and she’s also released the book’s new cover!Autumn Falls Bella Thorne

Autumn Falls is the name of the new girl at Aventura High. She’s 14 years old and a bit clumsy, with a head of bright red hair, but she manages to find her place within a group of incredible friends at her new school.

However, Autumn quickly makes enemies with the most popular girl in school. Autumn’s new crush, Sean, is also part of her exclusive clique.

When Autumn starts writing down her thoughts and feelings in a journal that once belonged to her deceased father, weird events transpire. Her wishes start coming true!

“And not only do they happen, but since she’s dyslexic, they happen kind of wrong and twisted,” Bella explained in an interview last year.

Autumn soon discovers that getting everything she wants isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be!

Bella wrote the book based on her own personal experiences with bullying and dyslexia.

“If I’m dyslexic and I can write a book, that shows you that you can too,” she explained.

Autumn Falls will be released November 11 this year, but it’s available now for pre-order here!

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