Ava Kolker Shares How a Love of Music and '80s Influences Inspired Single 'All to Myself'

You may know Ava Kolker best for her work as an actress in works such as Disney Channel'Girl Meets World and Sydney to the Max, but she's also a powerful musical artist, with her new single, "All to Myself" becoming a fast favorite.

The new track, out today, has a vibrant, synthy sound inspired by the music of the '80s, and captures the feeling of falling in love with an artist's music to the point that it becomes your escape from the everyday trials and anxieties of life. We can definitely relate, and we got the chance to ask Ava all about the track and its lyrics in the interview below.

The Story Behind 'All to Myself

Ava Kolker: "All to Myself" is a fun song written by Pieter Oliver about how an artist can be so meaningful and impactful to their fans, and I thought it would be great to step into those fan shoes and tell a little story about that connection.


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What 'All to Myself' Means

AK: I hope they can relate to it and it can make them think of their favorite artist and how their lyrics sometimes really resonate with them.

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On the Track's '80s Influences

AK: I just think there are so many shows about the '80s right now, and I kind of wish I had been around when they still had physical records and big headphones. I think the '80s had some of the best music.

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Ava's Favorite Lyric

AK: My favorite lyric from the song is, "I needed your words today," I think it shows how sometimes you can find an escape with a lyric that speaks to you when you're down or when you want to just feel connected to an artist you admire and can relate to.

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