Everything You Wanted to Know About The Clements Twins, Ava and Leah

Twin models, actresses, entrepreneurs and influencers Ava and Leah Clements have been hard at work in the industry since they were just 7 years old, and they don't show signs of stopping anytime soon.

As models, they've worked with everyone from Nike and Disney to Mattel, and they're also fashion entrepreneurs in their own right, working on major collabs with Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Macy's and Levi's, and even running their own clothing brand, KAVEAH. The twins also have more than 1.9 million followers on Instagram, but in addition to being stars, they're also known for using their platform to help people in need—and even save lives. Ava and Leah may be young, but we're majorly inspired by them, and here's everything they shared about themselves as our latest Woman Crush Wednesdays.

The Clements Twins Leah and Ava top fun facts, bio and trivia as Sweety High Woman Crush Wednesday

(Photo credt: Robert Beczarski)

Names: Ava Marie Clements and Leah Rose Clements

Hometown: Born in Pasadena, California—currently living in Orange Country, California

Birthday: July 7

Zodiac sign: Cancer


1. Ava relates to Tangled's Rapunzel more than any other Disney princess.

"She is a spirited and determined young woman with a strong sense of curiosity about the world and a willingness to step outside of her comfort zone."

-Ava Clements

Ava Clements of The Clements Twins in a green dress and denim jacket

(Photo credt: Robert Beczarski)

2. Leah loves days with sunshiney weather and a nice breeze.

"I like the type of weather where I can go out in shorts and a cami and feel comfortable."

-Leah Clements


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3. Ava loves sports.

"I enjoy playing volleyball, swimming, shooting hoops with my dad and brother, playing soccer and ultimate frisbee."

-Ava Clements

4. Leah's most overused phrase is "FR."

Leah Clements of The Clements Twins in a grey top and skirt

(Photo credt: Robert Beczarski)

5. Ava's biggest celebrity crush is Rudy Pankow, best known for playing JJ in Netflix'Outer Banks.


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6. Leah wishes that she would have learned that honesty is always the best policy—even when the truth isn't easy to share.

"I've learned that lying about a situation actually ends up getting me into more trouble, so it's better to come clean and tell the truth."

-Leah Clements

7. Ava would love the chance to vacation in Hawaii someday.

"I've heard so many amazing things about Hawaii and I've always wanted to visit."

-Ava Clements

Ava Clements of The Clements Twins in a green top and pink shorts

(Photo credt: Robert Beczarski)

8. Leah adores her three dogs, and dogs are probably her favorite animal.

"I have a miniature poodle named Indi, a little golden Cavadoodle named Kai and a mini golden doodle named Sadi—who turned out to be not so little after all (she's 40 lbs!)."

-Leah Clements

9. Ava's favorite musical artist is Tate McRae.

"I really just love all of her songs!"

-Ava Clements


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10. If Leah weren't a model, influencer and entrepreneur, she'd probably want to be a volleyball coach.

"My grandpa was a golf pro and basketball coach and my dad is a swim coach, and they always talk about how they love what they do. I think it could be fun to be a coach, and right now, I've been having a lot of fun playing volleyball. So I think being a volleyball coach could be a really fun dream job."

-Leah Clements

Leah Clements of The Clements Twins in a pink tee and green shorts

(Photo credt: Robert Beczarski)

11. Above everything else, Ava enjoys helping others.

"It makes me happy when I see other people happy, and I am really grateful to be in a position where I can use my platform to help others. One of the cool things we were able to do a few years ago was partner with Nail and Bone to sell nail polish. Our cousin Shane has spinal muscular atrophy, so we donated all of the proceeds from the nail polish sales to cure SMA to help him and others that suffer from the disease."

-Ava Clements

12. And Leah loves helping people just as much!

"It really makes me happy when I can use my platform to help other people. Like when my dad had blood cancer, we raised awareness and encouraged people to swab their cheeks to see if they could be a match for him. Even though my dad's brother ended up being the best match for my dad, four other lives were saved from the drives we held because they were a life-saving match for someone else."

-Leah Clements

The Clements twins, Leah and Ava Clements

(Photo credt: Robert Beczarski)


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