Avengers: Endgame Fan Theories That Are Actually Pretty Convincing

Big things are happening in the MCU.

Considering the last Marvel installment ended with half of our beloved characters crumbling into dust, you could say we're pretty excited for the premiere of Avengers: Endgame on April 26. Partly because we're always excited for a new Marvel movie, but mostly because we need to know how in the world the remaining heroes are going to fix this disastrous situation.

While we've been waiting in agony to see what happens in the Marvel universe, we've had nothing better to do than research, think and research some more about all the possible outcomes of a new Avengers movie. Some theories are better than others, but all of them have us holding our breath waiting to see what actually happens.

If you need something to stress over before the premiere, keep scrolling for six Avengers: Endgame fan theories that are actually pretty convincing.

Captain America Will Die

It's pretty much a certainty that some of our favorite characters are going to see their final days onscreen in Avengers: Endgame. One popular fan theory claims that Captain America will be the first of the original Avengers to bid adieu to the franchise. And honestly? It wouldn't be surprising. Chris Evans has been pretty vocal about the fact that he's ready to leave Cap behind. Add in the fact that his contract is already complete, and it wouldn't be all that shocking to see a heartbreaking Cap death in Endgame. 

Most fan theories claim that Cap will act as the sacrifice the Soul Stone needs, so someone else can wield the Infinity Gauntlet and undo Thanos' snap. It would be very in line with his character to act as the sacrificial lamb and ensure the rest of his team survives. In addition, Cap really pushed the "we don't trade lives" narrative in Infinity War, which feels like a setup for the exact opposite to occur in Endgame. We would be devastated, but it would be a bittersweet end to a beloved character that would also contribute to the overall storyline in a meaningful way.

Avengers: Infinity War - Steve Rogers (Captain America) introduces himself to Groot

(Avengers: Infinity War via Marvel Studios)


Gamora Saves the Day

Unlike the other characters who were turned to dust in Thanos' snap, Gamora was thrown off a cliff as Thanos' sacrifice for the Soul Stone. While at first it seemed like her situation made her death more permanent, the ending scene of the movie has some fans wondering if it's the other way around. At the end of Infinity War, Thanos meets a young Gamora on the Soul Stone's plane of reality. The significance of that situation is unclear, but it does seem to suggest that Gamora is still alive in some capacity, especially since we're not entirely sure about the Soul Stone's capabilities.

Fans have claimed that Gamora is eventually going to be freed from the Soul Stone and wield the Infinity gauntlet, ultimately acting as the major piece of the puzzle that takes Thanos down. While it's a little hazy as to how she'll escape from the Soul Stone, the rest of the theory has some merit. Gamora is the only character with a personal, emotional tie to Thanos. Given their shaky history, it would have the most impact if she were the one to eventually ruin his plans. After all, she's been trying to thwart his murderous ways for years. Plus, we just can't bring ourselves to believe that being thrown off a cliff is the end for Gamora.

Avengers: Infinity War - Gamora corrects Star-Lord

(Avengers: Infinity War via Marvel Studios)


Tony Stark Will Learn the Mystic Arts

This theory is a little complicated, but not entirely ridiculous. Doctor Strange is gone, but the mystic arts might still play a role in the new film, this time through Tony Stark. Tony is the only surviving character who spent a significant amount of time with Strange. He watched him skip through 14 million realities in a matter of a few seconds, and he gained a decent understanding of his power. Plus, Strange made a few cryptic comments before he was dusted about his decision to give up the Time Stone. He said it was the "only way," a fact that perfectly plays into his earlier comment about a single reality in 14 million options in which the Avengers actually won.

While we're not convinced that Tony will become a master in the mystic arts, it's entirely possible that he might pursue some of Strange's training in an effort to understand and undo Thanos' snap. If he can learn to control reality to some extent, it might be a key part of undoing their disastrous situation. By no means do we think Tony learning the mystic arts will fix everything, but it might play an important role in the overall resolution of the film.


(Avengers: Infinity War via Marvel Studios)


Loki Is Alive

Fans seem to be pretty split on whether or not the God of Mischief is actually dead. On one hand, he's survived a few fake deaths already. However, that's exactly why we have to believe he isn't dead. After all, Loki has proven time and time again that he isn't rotten at his core. However, he's also proven that he's self-serving. He protects himself above anyone else, so why would he try to stab Thanos so casually after he just watched him beat up the Hulk?

We have to believe that Loki is still alive and thriving, probably hiding out so that he doesn't risk his own life in the battle for the universe. But if the past proves true again, Loki will reappear just in time to help his brother save the world. We're not entirely sure what he'll contribute, but we're pretty convinced he's going to make another appearance.


(Thor: Ragnarok via Marvel Studios)


Tony Dies

There seems to be a pretty even split on whether Cap dies or Tony dies in Endgame. Unfortunately, everyone is pretty much convinced it's going to be one or the other. If Cap survives, Tony might be the one to take the fall, trading himself as the sacrifice for the Soul Stone at the last minute. Robert Downey Jr. has also been pretty vocal about his desire to move on from the franchise, but he hasn't been nearly as public about his feelings as Chris Evans. Considering how careful Marvel is about keeping things under wraps, it would make sense to set up Cap as the big death, only to switch things up at the last minute. Both options make sense, and both would have us bawling our eyes out.

Avengers: Infinity War - Tony Stark (Iron Man) inside his suit

(Avengers: Infinity War via Marvel Studios)


Parallel Universes

This one is a little complicated, but bear with us. Essentially, this fan theory claims that everyone who was dusted didn't actually die, but was instead sent to a parallel universe. Both Ant-Man and Doctor Strange have touched on the idea of parallel universes and the complexities that are associated with space and time. This is particularly true in the Quantum Realm, which was especially important in Ant-Man and the Wasp. So, Ant-Man might be a key component in solving the snap, eventually leading the Avengers through the Quantum Realm and discovering a way to undo Thanos' damage.

This could occur by bridging the gap between the two alternate realities, or it might involve traveling back in time to a universe where Thanos hasn't yet obtained all six Infinity Stones. If the Avengers can gain their own set of Infinity Stones from parallel universes, they might be able to take on Thanos and save the day. It's a bit of a messy theory, but it holds some weight. Ant-Man is bound to be important in the new film, and the new suits featured in the trailer suggest some kind of Quantum Realm travel. We don't have all the kinks worked out, but we do think the Quantum Realm will play a role in the overall resolution of the film.

Scott Lang in ant-man and the wasp

(Ant-Man and the Wasp via Marvel Studios)


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