Averr Aglow Is THE Luxury Clean Skincare Brand That Needs to Be on Your Radar

In the past year and a half or so, I've gotten very serious about my skincare routine, and the more great products I try, the pickier I get about what I put on my skin.

Not just any old brands will do when I'm deciding what new products to introduce into my routine, but as soon as I was introduced to Averr Aglow, I knew they'd be a perfect fit. The brand designs clean, all-natural products that inspire confidence by giving users flawless, breakout-free skin, and the folks behind Averr Aglow generously gave me a couple of their star products to test for myself.

The Brand

Averr Aglow was founded by Camille Chulick after she spent 16 years struggling with breakouts and became sick of nothing working to combat them. Fed up with experiencing low confidence because of her acne, she set out to make a company with great products that actually work to keep skin clear and healthy, empowering women in the process

The brand is best known for its Clear Skin Kit, which combines exfoliation, bacterial cleansing, oil balancing and nourishing skin with nutrients to restore its natural beauty, but they also feature other great products like maskne-fighting products, eye kits and more. The brand even has a skincare quiz you can take to find out which products will be a fit for you, because when it comes to taking care of your skin, one size doesn't fit all.


The Products

Rejuvenating Essence Body Polish: $35

The first product I was sent was the brand's Rejuvenating Essence Body Polish, which includes mineral-rich Nordic birch to repair damaged skin and reverse signs of aging, antioxidant-packed lingonberry for reducing dark spots and bilbery, which is loaded with vitamin C and zinc to treat breakouts as well as sun damage.

When I opened the glass jar, I noticed the clean, earthy scent of the polish and its unique, almost mud-like texture. It was also very black, and I was curious to see how that would work as a skin mask. I applied it in the shower, taking a generous amount of the polish in my fingers and rubbing it on my skin, starting with my arms and chest.


(via Averr Aglow)

I was an instant fan of the way it made my skin feel. The polish was highly exfoliating, removing dead skin while also making my skin feel moisturized and smooth, without the greasy feeling that other body polishes can leave behind.

However, I also discovered that this stuff stains. No matter how much water I ran over my skin to try to get the black off of my skin, it stuck around—which is why I recommend doing this step before you soap up, giving you time to scrub it all away with your favorite soap. It stained my tub a bit as well, so even though I love it and it's recommended that you use it once or twice a week, I stick to using this body polish once a week to cut down on cleanup. Of course, using it has been completely perfect. Even with limited use, it's completely eliminated the chest and shoulder acne I sometimes deal with, and that's a big plus in my book.


(via Averr Aglow)


Perfect Pout Lip Kit: $53

Averr Aglow's Perfect Pout Lip Kit combines three unique petroleum-free lip treatments to treat dryness and cracking, leaving users with perfectly moisturized and kissable lips. It even comes with three tiny spoons, so you can always scoop out exactly how much you need.

Averr aglow perfect pout lip kit

(via Averr Aglow)

It starts with the Strawberry Soufflé Lip Polish, an extremely gentle sugar scrub formulated with wild strawberry seeds, which contains vitamin C and antioxidants to shield lips from environmental damage. Not only does this balm smell amazing, but using it left my lips with a ridiculously soft finish, without making them feel raw and sensitive like many other scrubs.

That step left my lips ready for the Creamsicle Bliss Lip Balm, a lightweight and nourishing balm with a gentle orange and cream scent. It's perfect for reapplying throughout the day when your lips need a little extra moisture, using natural oils and hydrating illipe seed butter to keep lips soft and healthy while also shielding your lips from the elements. Plus, it makes them look amazing and luscious whether you layer it with other lip products or not.

And last, but definitely not least, is the Goodnight Kiss Lip Mask, which I love applying right before bed to allow deep hydration and nourishment to take place overnight. This mask is rich and thick, with antioxidants to heal cracked lips. It also includes awesome plant-based ingredients like tea wax to create a barrier that prevents water loss and extra protection, snow mushroom to bind moisture to the lips' surface and more illipe seed butter to make lips glow. The result is that I wake up each morning with my lips feeling great, and the process is so fun that I look forward to taking part in it every day.


(via Averr Aglow)


Bottom Line

Averr Aglow makes some of my very favorite premium skincare products, and while I don't have severe enough breakouts to need a strong solution, the items I've used have worked beautifully for me. While their offerings do come at a higher price point, it's likely worth it if you have problematic skin issues that you're seeking to fix. While the body polish can be a bit messy, it may be the solution to your body acne woes, and while $53 may seem like a lot for three small tubs of lip product, a tiny bit goes a long way with them, and I happen to think they're worth every penny.


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