"Avery Dreams Of Kissing Karl" In New Dog With A Blog!

A new episode of Dog With A Blog called "Avery Dreams Of Kissing Karl" airs tonight, January 16, at 7:30pm!avery dreams of kissing karl dog with a blog g hannelius

When G Hannelius's character, Avery attends Stan's book club, she's dismayed to find that her rival and sworn enemy, Karl Fink, is there. Stan claims it's because they're two of the only people who know he's a talking dog with a blog, but does he have bigger plans in mind?

Avery begins having dreams night after night that she and Karl are a couple, leaving her disgusted and concerned about what it all might mean.

Meanwhile, after getting inspiration from her big brother Tyler, Chloe suddenly wants to give up her singing to pursue a new passion: BMX bikes. But it'll take a lot more than a bit of dedication to make her a pro!

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