This Fruit Art Will Hypnotize You Into a Different Kind of Food Coma

There's no doubt you've seen the impressive images of avocado art circulating the internet.

If you can't get enough of this new avo-art then you'll absolutely go crazy for the intricate designs created on other fruit.

Scroll below to have your mind blown:

The OG Avo

This pretty picture has been viewed billions of times. At least half of those views are from us.


Dizzying Dragon Fruit

You're getting sleepy, verrrrry sleepy.

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All we can say is, "wow."

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Avocado Pit Carving

How jealous are you of this little carved pit sitting inside of an avocado? Home sweet home.


Close Up Watermelon

Those tiny hearts. I can't.


Red Apple Maze

We could really get lost in this maze-like design.

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Tropical Palm Papaya

Papaya, mango and cantaloupe make for the perfect tropical pattern. Those palms, that flower.

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Sliced Strawberry

I mean, we can hardly even chop the green tops off of strawberries without making a mess. Can you even imagine the skill this takes? Can you even wrap your mind around the precision??

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Banana Dolphin

Okay, okay, okay, maybe this isn't the most mesmerizing fruit art, but it gets an A+ for concept design.


Porcupine Apple

I don't know about you but I wouldn't want to take a bite out of this spiky ball. I'll admire from afar, thank you.

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Avo in Space

Galactic space fruit goals? I think so.

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While fruit is a completely impressive carving canvas, you haven't seen anything until you've gazed upon pencil carvings. Get to know the artist behind these preposterously petite masterpieces HERE.