How to Keep Yourself From Getting Bored at a Wedding

Weddings are a beautiful thing… when you're the one getting married.

When you're not the one walking down the aisle, or reaping the benefits of the adults in attendance, weddings can be a bore. Like, why do you care about celebrating the marital bliss of two people you may not even know that well?

Even though weddings are more fun the older you get, don't fret—there are still plenty of ways to keep yourself entertained and have a good time even if you feel like the odd one out.

Below, find out how to keep yourself from getting bored at a wedding.

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Take Advantage of the Photo Booth

These days most weddings come with a fully stacked photo booth, and who better than you to take major advantage? Make use of all the fun props, and depending on the lighting, you might even want to take a few to replace your social media profile photos.




Partake in the Activities

There are two ways to look at wedding activities: super lame (which honestly, they can be) or silly fun. If you're really bored, we suggest viewing all wedding activities as a chance to have fun. Whether it's vying for the bouquet in the bouquet toss or helping lift the bride in the chair lift, let loose, have fun and enjoy.

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Try Unique Mocktails

The great thing about weddings is only the best of the best are hired for the big event! This means the wedding's bartender, for example, will have a trick or two up their sleeve. Ask them to whip up their best virgin piña colada, virgin lava flow or virgin specialty of their choice!


Tear Up the Dance Floor

This is where the phrase "dance like no one's watching" really comes in handy. This is your time to grab a parent (or, heck, even get out there by yourself) and shake it for the world. You probably won't see most of these people ever again, so have a little fun and let loose in a way you wouldn't feel comfortable doing around your peers. Or grab dad's hand and give him the father-daughter dance he always begs from you.


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