Why You Should Avoid Your Crush on Valentine's Day

While some people think Valentine's Day is the perfect time to confess your feelings to your crush, we tend to take the opposite approach.

In fact, we don't think you should go anywhere near your crush on Valentine's Day. Why? Keep scrolling to find out.

It's Too Easy to Misinterpret Your Actions

Everyone's emotional awareness is uber-heightened on Valentine's Day. Love is in the air, as they say, which makes it really easy to misinterpret the tiniest of actions. Being too nice to your crush might make them guess your feelings before you're ready to tell them. Giving them a sweet valentine that implies you're willing to see where things go can seem like you're pushing for a relationship. And full-on telling them your feelings can come across as a declaration of love, instead of simply communicating that you like them.

The point is, it's too easy to misinterpret the smallest of actions on Valentine's Day. If you don't want to run the risk of coming on too strong, it's better to wait for a normal, less love-focused day of the year to restart your relationship with your crush.

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It's Hard to Do It Right

Valentine's Day is a holiday dedicated to love, so even people in full-blown relationships stress out about their celebration. They don't want to make the day too intense, lest they rush their relationship forward too quickly, but they also want to communicate that they care about their partner. It's a difficult balance to strike, and it's nearly impossible to hit the right note if you haven't even discussed your feelings with your crush. Chances are you'll either be too intense with your declaration, or too subtle for them to get the point. It's better to test out your methods on a less romantic holiday, which will help lessen the sting if things go wrong.


It Expects Too Much

Confessing your feelings on the most romantic day of the year comes with a lot of implications attached. It pretty much definitively declares to your crush that you're all in with this relationship, eliminating any period where the two of you could grow and get to know one another. Instead of starting things slowly and feeling out where it might go, your crush has to immediately make a decision on whether or not they're interested in you. Not only is that unlikely to end well for you, it's also a lot to expect from someone who just found out about your feelings and is still trying to process what's going on.

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It Makes the Rejection Worse

If you do tell your crush how you feel and it ends in rejection, the sting is so much worse. Not only have you been declined, but now you've been rejected on Valentine's Day. There's a lot of potential for embarrassment and hurt here, so why put yourself in that situation? Just focus on getting through the holiday of love and save your confessions for a different, less emotionally intense day of the year.


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