AVRE Is the Footwear Brand You Need to Add to Your Closet

I'll be the first to admit—I don't make it outside much these days.

During the week, I'm sitting at my desk, typing away. I'm in my safe space, and the last thing I want to do is go outside and feel the sun on my face. I've found such comfort during the last year in my home, that at times, I never want to leave.

However, health is important now more than ever, and I've made it a goal this year to make a change. Instead of doing my home workouts solely on my Peloton, I try to go for short walks during the middle of the day, too. And you know what's been making those walks actually fun and something I look forward to? Shoes. Yes, shoes!

AVRE (pronounced ay-ver-ee) sent me a pair of their beautiful shoes, and over the last month, I've been wearing them pretty much every day. Keep reading for my full review!

The Brand

AVRE is a trendy and sustainable footwear line made with empowered women in mind. They've made it a goal to leave behind as little of a carbon footprint as possible, which can easily be seen through their innovative production process and use of materials.

Instead of having to choose between style, comfort and sustainability, AVRE has been able to achieve them all. Perhaps most interesting is their use of recycled plastic bottles, which are used to create their signature threads.


The Product

AVRE Energee Light Grey Sneakers: $145

It was clear from the get-go that AVRE takes sustainability seriously. The packaging included recycled boxes and was super easy to open. Instead of using a massive amount of tape, all I had to do was pull on a tab to open the box.

The shoes themselves were just begging to be worn, so I put them on right away. AVRE sent me their Energee style in light grey, and I must say, it's my favorite looks-wise on their entire site. Typically, I'm a 9.5 in shoes, but since they don't offer my typical size (all other half-sizes are available, just not 9.5), I went for a size 9, and they fit perfectly!

Breaking in a new pair of shoes is one of my least favorite things, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that the process was minimal. I had no blisters or sense of discomfort—they seemed to fit the contours of my feet from the get-go!

To date, I've worn these on my walks, for errands, working out, walking around the house—pretty much anywhere and everywhere. Not only are they light and breathable, but they look good, too! The Energees are chic, trendy and my new go-to shoe for any activity that requires movement. And perhaps my favorite thing about AVRE is that their shoes are machine-washable!


Bottom Line

If there's one thing I refuse to skimp out on, it's shoes. Just because something looks cute, doesn't mean it's a good-quality shoe. That's why I'm willing to pay a bit more for a product I know will benefit me in the long run. So if the price of AVRE has you questioning whether or not the brand is for you, I think that if you have room in your budget, you should absolutely invest in these.

They're super comfortable and very cute, which is pretty much all I ask for!


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