What to Keep In Mind If You're Separated From Your S.O. During Quarantine

Quarantine is hard for many reasons.

You're stuck in the house, totally bored, with only your family to keep you company. But for people in relationships, quarantine can be especially difficult. Unless you've finagled your way into some kind of special situation, you're probably not allowed to see your S.O. during this scary time. Even worse, you're not sure when this isolation period will end, and you'll be reunited with your person.

Being away from your S.O. for the foreseeable future isn't an easy pill to swallow, but it's not the end of the world. Keep scrolling for seven things you should keep in mind if you're separated from your S.O. during quarantine.

It's Not Permanent

First and foremost, you have to remember that this arrangement isn't permanent. Even if you don't know when it will be, there will come a time when you'll be reunited with your S.O. once again. Staying away from your S.O. is hard, but all this has to end at some point. If you keep that in mind, it may make the time apart from one another more bearable.

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It's For the Greater Good

When you get caught up in your feelings, it's easy to focus only on what you need. You're bored and you miss your S.O., so you obviously want to see them. But staying away from each other isn't a way to punish you or interfere with your relationship. Instead, it's an important measure that needs to be taken to save lives across the country.

The two of you are staying apart to stop the spread of the virus and ensure the people in your family are safe and healthy. Those aren't things you should gamble simply to spend a little time with your person. Both of you are staying in your house, isolated from one another and the rest of the world for the greater good—that's something you can be proud of.


You Can Still Spend Time Together

Once you start missing someone, the idea that you can't see them seems insurmountable. But the truth is, you can still spend time with your S.O., even if you can't see them in person. You can talk on the phone, FaceTime and even plan virtual date nights that will help you to stay connected. It's never as good as being together in person, but it's a way to keep your relationship strong and healthy while you're apart.

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Staying Positive Is the Best Way to Save the Relationship

Once things start going wrong, it's so easy to fall into a pit of negativity. Unfortunately, a negative attitude is bound to take its toll on your relationship. If all you can do is complain and cry about your situation every time you talk to your S.O., you're not leaving any room in your relationship for happiness. All that negativity will take a toll on both of you after a while, and you'll start getting frustrated, angry and bitter.

By focusing on the negative, you're pushing your relationship into a bad space where neither of you is having any fun. If you can stay positive, this could be a time to strengthen the bond of your relationship. You can still create good memories when you're far apart, but you have to embrace an optimistic mindset.


They're Just as Bored as You Are

When you haven't seen your partner in weeks, your mind can start to run a little wild. If they take a few minutes to reply to your text, you start telling yourself that they don't feel the same way about you and that a breakup is definitely looming on the horizon. Don't even go there. Try keeping in mind that while you're bored in your own house, your S.O. is living an equally monotonous life. They're not meeting anyone new or planning a breakup—they're just trying to get through the seemingly endless days of laying around their house. If you can avoid freaking out, you'll open up much more time in your relationship for positivity and happiness, rather than petty arguments.

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Don't Put Pressure on Them

When we're bored and frustrated, we tend to take our negative feelings out on those around us. Even if you miss your S.O., you might find yourself lashing out at them and starting arguments simply because you don't know how to express your feelings. But it's not your S.O.'s job to fix everything. You should both be able to lean on each other, but you shouldn't demand that they make you feel better. If you put that kind of pressure on your partner, it's only going to push them away. Find a way to get through it together—don't create a situation where you're fighting one another to see who's having a harder time.


Take Time for Yourself

When you can't see your partner, it's tempting to want to spend every spare second you get talking to them. Even if you can't physically be together, you still want to feel close and connected. However, no one wants to stay on the phone all day long.

Being separated and missing your person isn't an excuse to give up your free time and force your partner to hang out with you 24/7. You both need time for yourself to rest, recharge and just be alone. Give yourself some space to just live, without worrying about your S.O. every second. Then, when you do get a chance to talk, you'll have a much better, more productive conversation.


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