Awkward Around Your Crush? Then You'll Definitely Relate to These Flirting Struggles

Talking to a crush is easier for some than others—that's just a fact of life.

If you happen to be an individual who, unfortunately, is not so smooth when it comes to properly flirting, scroll below and prepare to relate to these all too real struggles.

1. The moment you're presented with the perfect opportunity to chat with your crush, your mind goes blank, you can't speak and you totally freeze. You don't know what it is, but they have the ability to make you act like a complete fool.

Two girls talking to a cute boy

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2. If and when you finally work up the courage to talk to them, you do one of two things: A.) You ramble or tell them a story that is completely unrelated to what you're talking about, or B.) You spill your guts, telling them personal info you probably shouldn't. Nerves do this to you!

3. When in the presence of your crush, you can't help but fidget. If you have a piece of loose jewelry or a hair tie on your wrist, you better believe you're playing with that while trying to hold a conversation.

4. You overanalyze every little thing that your crush says to you. "He said he might see me later? What does that mean? Does that mean isn't sure he wants to see me?" You drive yourself crazy with these never ending questions.

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5. When your crush finally texts you, you take way too long to respond. Why? Because you have to draft ten responses before you send the perfect one. You don't want to say something embarrassing and turn them off!

6. Your face will inevitably always turn bright red the moment you start speaking with your crush. You can't help that you get so flustered.

7. When you see your crush in a social setting, you end up paying attention to everyone but them because, quite honestly, you have no idea how to even approach them. If only they'd just come over and talk to you. ????

8. If you happen to be standing next to your crush and their hand or arm grazes yours, your whole body freezes and you freak. Was that intentional?! Did they mean to touch you?! You have so many questions, and you don't know how to react.

9. If you're not to the point where you actually know or talk to your crush, you spend an ample amount of time staring at them in class. Oops.

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10. And, finally, when someone you're interested in finally flirts with you, your first instinct is to deny that they're flirting with you. You obviously can't believe you're actually getting the attention you deserve. Believe it. ????


So, you're awkward around your crush? Who isn't? If you need a little help perfecting the perfect text for them, head over HERE and your zodiac sign will guide you in the right direction.