B-Girl Terra Breakdances In Jungle's Platoon Video!

We're currently transfixed by the music video for "Platoon" by Jungle. Not only does the track have an irresistibly hypnotic beat, but 6-year-old B-Girl Terra's moves are absolutely blowing us away!

The song has an amazingly catchy groove that's easy to dance to, and B-Girl Terra has some of the best movies you've ever seen!

B-Girl Terra brings her best moves!

The music video consists entirely of B-Girl Terra dancing along to the song in a single take. When you watch the video, you'll see why that's so impressive!

The 6-year-old B-Girl Terra can breakdance like no other, and is also a student of  Muay Thai and gymnastics!

Our favorite part of the video is at about 2:10, when B-Girl Terra rolls back her sleeves, slaps on an awesome pink beanie and starts doing some impressive spins on her head! Share more of your favorite girl power videos with us at SweetyHigh.com!