B. Nutty's Gourmet Peanut Butter Flavors Are a Decadent Must-Try

When I hear the phrase "gourmet peanut butter," I think of the fancy, oil-topped natural peanut butter you have to stir before you spread, or maybe ones with a little bit of chocolate flavoring mixed in.

B. Nutty peanut butters are something else entirely. These tasty spreads aren't flavored simply, and they're packed with bits and pieces of the flavors on their labels. I was sent three different varieties of B. Nutty for review, and I wasn't disappointed with the way they each tasted.


The Product

B. Nutty gourmet peanut butter is for peanut butter-lovers who want to add a twist to their sandwiches and nutty desserts. B. Nutty's online shop sells 15 different flavors of peanut butter, including six festive seasonal varieties for fall and winter.

Fans can go big, buying 12 oz. jars for $8 each, or sample each flavor's mini 2 oz. jars for $3 each. The company sent me the Irresistible Pretzel, Blissful Blueberry and Totally Toffee flavors.

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The Experience

Irresistible Pretzel

I'm obsessed with any desserts involving pretzels, so I opted to try the Irresistible Pretzel flavor first. I'm used to pretzels being paired with salted caramel, but in this case, they accompanied white chocolate, so I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I took a small spoon and stirred it around before digging into the jar.

This peanut butter was quite chunky, and it wasn't as sweet as I'd anticipated, which actually wound up being a good thing. Though I found it a little bit dry due to the crunchy, flaky bits of pretzels throughout, that salty bite tasted especially delicious when I also scooped up a hunk of white chocolate chip. That chocolate added much-needed creaminess every time I grabbed a spoonful.

It was a little too dry to be the type of peanut butter I'd want to  spread on a cracker or slather onto a slice of toast, but spooned straight out of the jar, I found it delightful.


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Blissful Blueberry

Next, I moved on to Blissful Blueberry. I wasn't sure what to expect in terms of flavor, but I thought it was very telling that when I looked closely into the jar, I could see teeny specks of vibrant blue color throughout.

Compared to Irresistible Pretzel, this peanut butter was much smoother and creamier, though it was still full of crunchy bits of peanut. As I nibbled at a spoonful, I couldn't taste the blueberry flavor at first, but it wasn't long before it hit me hard. Somehow, this peanut butter had bottled the aftertaste of blueberries, and with every bite, that flavor lingered longer and longer.

And my tastebuds were overjoyed when I got the first bit of chocolate-covered dried blueberry in my spoon. Though the peanut butter isn't overflowing with these chocolate bites, I loved running into each one. I'd love to pair this with blueberry jam to make the ultimate PB&J, but it was perfectly tasty on its own, too.


(via B. Nutty)


Totally Toffee

Lastly, I moved on to Totally Toffee, which I was very eager to try. When I opened the jar, I found it to have the most oil to mix into the rest of the peanut butter, but the result was the creamiest peanut butter of the three, despite the fact it was packed with chunks of peanuts, chocolate, toffee and almond. The result is a smooth-spreading peanut butter full of caramel-y flavor.

I found that the less I stirred, the more the tasty bits settled at the bottom of the jar, so I frequently found myself mixing it all up to get a little of every flavor in each bite. While I'm sure that this spread would be delicious if you used it as a substitute for standard peanut butter in your favorite peanut-y recipe, I thought it was delicious as is.


(via B. Nutty)

Bottom Line

If you want to take your love of peanut butter to the next level, I think B. Nutty's flavors are a perfect fit for you. The additions make every flavor I tried taste special and unique, and I plan to investigate more of their varieties whenever I'm through with the jars I have. The jars also make awesome gifts for the peanut butter fiends in your life. Though they're pricier than your typical grocery store jars, I think the flavor experience is worth the extra cost.


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