Baby Ariel Told Us the Inspiration Behind Her New Arielmoji App

Baby Ariel is one of the biggest stars on all of, and as of today she officially has her own app.

It's called Arielmoji, and it was developed by the digital talent network and entertainment studio Collab. The app (which you can download from the App Store here) allows users to send customized Baby Ariel-themed emojis to friends.

To celebrate her first-ever app, we spoke to Ariel about what Arielmoji means to her, plus what it means to be a muser and a lot more.

Sweety High: How did you decide to create an app, and what inspired it?

Baby Ariel: I thought it'd be a fun way for my supporters to interact with each other using positive messages and silly expressions.

If you send a text, it can be read 20 different ways. But when you add an emoji, you can express what you mean and how you feel with what you're saying. A lot of what I do is about expression so I thought it'd be cool to take that to an emoji app.


SH: What excites you most about having your own app?

BA: I just think its fun and quirky—kind of like me. I think fans will be really excited to know that you can drag and drop different accessories onto my facial expressions so it makes it creative and interactive. And we're going to keep working on making it better and better with each upgrade.

My favorite facial expression is the one where I put my thinking face on. I think its kind of cute, expressive and quirky. My favorite accessory is the dog filter!


SH: Your new app is really possible thanks to your awesome work on Do you remember the process of making your first one? 

BA: I was at my grandparents' house when I found the app. I saw how other people made their Musical.lys but I wanted to switch it up a little bit. I found a song and I made my first clip making different facial expressions and hand motions based on the song. Over time, I started being even more expressive and improved slowly with each one.


SH: How long did it take for you to start getting followers? 

BA: I was first featured two or three months after getting into After than first feature, I started gaining some followers, and from there I was featured more and more frequently and that number hasn't stopped growing.

I started just like I would start any other social platform, to talk to my friends and post fun things. So when I started gaining a following, it was something totally different from what I knew. But I decided to have fun with it, so I started to make more Musical.lys and posting more often on Instagram and Twitter for my new fans.

The cool thing about is that you're able to connect your other socials, so if someone sees my, they can also go and follow me on Instagram. From there they can follow me on Twitter and from Twitter they can follow me on YouTube, so it's all connected and my community is all one big family.


SH: How did you get the nickname Baby Ariel?

BA: I was hanging out with my friends and we were all making accounts, and they all had stuff like "queen" in their names. I put "baby" in mine just for fun, and thought it would last for a day. Months later, people started calling me Baby Ariel, and I was confused until I realized that was my name. Now I'm used to it, and it's kind of different and cool that it's become my identity.


SH: What's a fun fact that not a lot of people know about you?

BA: Some people think that I'm not really the person that I portray online, but I'm that same person 24/7.

Also, I like a lot of weird foods that not a lot of people would like. I love mussels and escargot, and I'll try anything.


Baby Ariel also has an awesome YouTube channel. Click HERE to find out more about your favorite stars' YouTubes.