Baby Ariel Told Us Her Secrets for Success

In just over a year, Ariel Martin—better known by the username Baby Ariel—has become a sensation on with creative lip syncs.

What exactly does it take to become one of a platform's biggest stars and secure a People's Choice Awards nomination for Favorite Social Media Star? We asked Ariel to share her tips and tricks for flawless Musical.lys.

Baby Ariel (Ariel Martin) at the 2017 People's Choice Awards in a black dress

(via Getty)

Sweety High: What's the biggest mistake people make on

Baby Ariel: In terms of content, I don't think you can make mistakes. You should be creative and post any kind of video that you like that you want to put out there. But one mistake I do see is that people don't use enough lighting. Sometimes I see a where I can't even see their faces or what they're doing, so it's tough to enjoy. Turn the lights on!


SH: What do you think is your key to making successful lip-sync Musical.lys?

BA: Make facial expressions. Use hand motions. But most importantly, pick music that you already know and love. If you know the words to the song and enjoy it, it'll be even better than a song that you think is popular or trending.


SH: How long do you think it took you to perfect your own style of Musical.lys?

BA: I don't even know if it's perfected yet! Over time, you just get better and better. You push yourself and try new things. I don't think I've perfected it yet, but I've definitely improved since the beginning.


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