Get to Know Baby Ariel Better Than Ever personality Baby Ariel is super high on our list of faves.

We've loved watching her career grow since day one and seeing all the friends she's made along the way.

We've chatted with her in the past, but get to know her better than ever this week with the fun facts below!

Baby Ariel WCW art

(Photo Courtesy of Baby Ariel)

Name: Ariel Martin

Birthplace: Florida

Birthday: Nov. 22

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Fun Facts:

1. She's always down for food, particularly chicken fries, but when it comes to things like cheese she tells Sweety High, "I actually hate melted cheese, so my ideal pizza would be with only sauce and a lot of pineapple on top."

2. She's a big Harry Potter fan and proud Gryffindor.

3. Her taste in music is all over the board. "I have a bunch of different songs for my many moods," she shared. "When I'm sad, I'll put on Meek Mill or Eminem to make me feel super energetic and happy, but when I'm just in a mellow mood, I'll put on Maroon 5 or Blackbear." Yes to all of these, but did we forget to mention the time she actually met Adam Levine? Swoon.

4. If she could choose anyone to be her mentor, it would be Oprah."She is one of the smartest business people and I would want her to teach me how to be successful," she said.

5. No matter how crazy things get, she can always count on her friends, family and fans to keep her grounded. "They are always there for me no matter what and always show me love and care," she gushed. We think this goofy (but amazing) photo says it all.

6. She feels a special connection to a certain Finding Nemo character. "I think Dory would play me in a movie about my life," she said. "I really love her and think she's just one of the coolest and sweetest 'people' out there."

7. Let's be real, she has many amazing qualities, but there's one she has discovered in herself that matters the most. "My favorite thing about myself is the strength I've found going through this journey with the support of my family," she said. "I feel strong and happy enough to just be myself." You go girl, family is so important.


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