Baby Badger Feeding Frenzy- Video Pick Of the Day!

If you've never watched baby badgers play before, you're missing out. Even better than watching them play is watching their mealtime!

A baby badger feeding

Baby badgers are called kits. They're usually born in February in groups of one to three kits! The Eurasian badger, seen in this video, is the most social of the badger species. Look how well they get along with their badger siblings!

Eurasian  badgers live together in big dens called setts that consists of hundreds of feet of linking tunnels. Once they're a bit older, their diet consists of earthworms, vegetables, and fungi.

Though badgers are usually only about two feet long, may species of badger can be quite fierce. They're tough enough to occasionally fend off predators including wolves and bears! No wonder the badgers are known for their sturdiness!