Baby Duck Thinks Cat Is Her Mother- Video Pick Of the Day!

You might think a duckling would be afraid of a comparatively huge black cat. Instead, the baby duck follows the cat around as if she were her mother!Baby Duck Thinks Cat Is Her Mother

Did you know that with certain birds, such as ducks and geese, learn to follow their mothers within the first day or two of life?

If their mothers aren't around, baby ducks and geese can wind up following whoever else they meet. In this case, it seems like the baby duckling learned to follow this black cat!

This is called "imprinting." In some cases, ducks have imprinted on human beings or even inanimate objects! Wherever the "mother" goes, the baby follows. How's that for cute?

Some baby ducks that wind up imprinting on humans wind up thinking they're a bit like humans themselves!  They even sometimes have trouble socializing with other animals of their own species.

Others seem to get over their attachment to their human mother and befriend other ducks. As they say, birds of a feather flock together!

In fact, Hollywood tackled the subject with the 1996 movie, Fly Away Home.

In the film, a flock of Canada geese imprints on a young teenage girl named Amy, who realizes that unless the geese can be taught their migration route to North Carolina, they won't be able to withstand the harsh Canadian winter.

In order to teach them to fly, Amy learns to pilot a tiny plane. The geese follow her through the skies, and she teaches them their flight path to save them!