Baby Flamingo's First Steps- Video Pick Of the Day!

A baby flamingo's first steps

A baby Caribbean flamingo takes its first steps at the Bronx Zoo in New York City!

Baby flamingos have straight bills at birth. As they grow older, their breaks develop a curl that helps them scoop up their food!

They're also born with white downy feathers, instead of the signature flamingo pink ones. By a flamingo chick's second birthday, they turn light pink. By the second birthday, they become the hot pink color they're known for.

The pink color of flamingos comes from carotene, like the pigment that's found in carrots! They get the carotene from the algae and crustaceans that are a part of their national diets in the wild.

If they don't eat the traditional flamingo diet, they grow up to be white! That's why zoo flamingos get fed "flamingo pellets" that will help them get their pink pigmentation. They also have beautiful black inner feathers in their wings!