Everyone loves a good video of kittens being all kinds of cuteness, but haven’t we seen all there is to watch on YouTube?

Just when you thought you might be growing out of adorable animal videos, we get suckered in by baby fruit bats that are the actual cutest things you’ve ever seen in your life.

Don’t believe us? Scroll below to melt over these baby bats.

Blankie and a Binkie

This little guy is living in the lap of luxury. Blankie? Check. Binkie? Check. Hooman massage? Check.


It’s Smoothie Time

This baby bat could be a food model. I mean, doesn’t he make you want to run out and grab Jamba?


Baby Burritos

These little rescue bats being swaddled like baby burritos is enough to melt even the smallest Grinch heart.


Cats Purr, Bats Squeak

This guy is loving all the pets. I wonder what he’s saying. “A little to the left, okay now up, too far up, ahhh yes that’s perfect.”


Banana and Gossip

Just look at the expression on this bat’s face when the people in the background start talking about him.


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