10 Cutesy Captions for Every Photo of You as a Baby on Instagram

If you're daring enough to post your own baby pics on Instagram, chances are you were one cute baby.

An adorable photo like that deserves the best caption. If you're at a loss for words, try one of these.

For the shot of you and your mom just moments after you were born:

"I just got there and I was already awesome."


For the shot of you demonstrating you were an extremely cool baby:

"I always knew I was destined for greatness."

Adventure Time: Baby Finn being embarrassed and singing Puncha Yo Buns with Marceline watching

(Adventure Time via Cartoon Network)


For that one baby photo where you seem so teeny-tiny it's unbelievable:

"From small beginnings come great things."


For the baby photo that's so cute it'll make every person who sees it on Insta go "d'awwww":

"I was cute, but I somehow got even cuter."


For the shot that shows you are nothing like you were as a baby:

"What happened?"

Adventure Time: Dipper's embarrassing baby photo dressed as Lamby

(Gravity Falls via Disney XD)


For the pic of you crying as a baby because you were in big trouble:

"Nobody puts baby in a corner."

-Dirty Dancing


For the close-up on you as an infant making the same signature face you always make:

"Some things never change."


For the side-by-side then-and-now photo of you and your beloved siblings:

"Together forever and ever."


For the throwback pic to your ultra curious little self:

"Still discovering the world."


For the one baby pic you'd never be shy to share because it's totally on brand:

"Baby photos aren't embarrassing when you were awesome from the womb."


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