This Adorable Baby Seal Got the Help She Needed From a Group of Heroic Rescuers

For this newborn seal, her first day of life will definitely be one to remember.

After being abandoned by her mother, this adorable baby seal found herself stranded on a beach in the U.K. with no idea how to survive in the great big ocean.

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Thankfully, a thoughtful bystander witnessed the baby's struggle, and called the authorities. Immediately, members of the Cornwall Seal Group and Cornish Seal Sanctuary jumped into action.

The seal was located at the bottom of a rocky cliff, but the rescuers refused to be scared away. Instead, they got their climbing gear and scaled the cliff, bringing the tiny newborn to safety.

The rescuers named the new baby Morwenna, and brought her to her new home in a nearby seal sanctuary, where they are monitoring her diet to make sure that she will develop into a healthy adult.

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