Whether You Call Him Baby Yoda or Grogu, Here Are 19 Fabulous Gifts for Every Fan of 'The Child'

We don't think the last 12 months have gifted us with a new character more beloved than The Mandalorian's tiny green ward.

Though he's officially been known as The Child for all this time, most fans have preferred to call him Baby Yoda due to his being of the same species as that iconic character—and only last week did we learn The Child's real name: Grogu.

Will the name stick with fans? We have no idea, but we don't think that'll make him any less popular when it comes to holiday wish lists this year. Since the 2019 gifting season completely lacked official Baby Yoda merch (they would have been a massive spoiler!) he's the coveted character in 2020, and here are all the best Grogu goodies you should snatch up before they're all gone.

Operation: The Mandalorian Edition Board Game: $11.24

Operation is a totally classic (and only somewhat stress-inducing) board game, and this Baby Yoda-themed version of the game makes it about a hundred times cuter. Instead of carefully removing foreign objects from a man's body, this time you're reclaiming objects that Grogu has mischievously taken, from frogs to cups of bone broth and more. It requires the same surgical precision as the traditional game, but we think this one will be much more fun.

Operation The Mandalorian Board Game

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Lego Star Wars: The Mandalorian The Child Building Kit: $79.95

Feeling creative? This incredible Lego kit, featuring 1,073 separate pieces, is the ultimate way to put your crafting ability to the test while making something you'll be proud to put on display once it's finished. The kit also comes with his favorite gear shift knob, plus an info sign and even a Lego minifigure of Grogu, to support all of your Lego adventures.

Lego Star Wars The Child Building Kit

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The Child 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle: $9.97 

If you're more into puzzles than board games and building, you'll love this 500-piece jigsaw puzzle. Not only is the image absolutely darling—with Grogu peering over the Mandalorian's shoulder—but it's well-crafted, too, ensuring hours of jigsaw fun.

The Child 500-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

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Baby Yoda 3D Mug: $18

'Tis the season for delicious hot drinks, and why drink out of any old mug when you can be sipping from one shaped like The Child's head? This porcelain mug holds up to 350 mL of your favorite broth (or coffee, tea or anything else) and makes the perfectly practical desk accessory.

Firebox: Baby Yoda 3D Mug

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The Child Shadow Palette: $16

Need something for the makeup lover in your live? Look no further than this incredible shadow palette from ColourPop. With finishes ranging from matte to metallic and in various shades of greens, golds and neutrals, this one is definitely for more adventurous MUAs, but those who like it will love it.

Colourpop The Child Shadow Pallette

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Mandalorian The Child 5 Flavored Lip Glosses: $14.95 

If the new makeup fan in your life isn'quite ready for an elaborate eye shadow palette, try starting them small with this cute set of flavored lip glosses instead. They come in flavors including green apple, fruit punch, peppermint, grape and cherry, and the art on them is basically too cute for words.

Mandalorian The Child 5 Flavored Lip Glosses

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The Child Chia Pet: $19.99

Like all babies, Grogu needs attention and care to thrive—much like this incredible Chia Pet inspired by him. This terracotta figurine resembles The Child in his floating carrier, and with the correct application of the seeds, plus the right amount of sunlight and watering, you can grow a vibrant and green planter full of chia sprouts in just a couple of weeks.

The Child Chia Pet

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The Child Faux Succulent Planter: $19.99

For those of us without green thumbs, there are always fake house plants. This cute ceramic planter features a faux succulent and little stones, with the baby happily sitting at the front, so no matter how bad you are with houseplants, this little cutie will thrive for years to come.

Box Lunch: The Child Faux Succulent Planter

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Funko Loungefly The Child and Mando Print Mini Cosplay Backpack: $70

Some like gifts with great form as well as function, and this stylish mini backpack from Loungefly definitely offers both. It's small but roomy, so you don't have to heave a big old bag around. Plus, its sweet and minimalistic print features both Grogu and the Mandalorian himself, to help anyone show off their fandom.

Funko Loungefly The Child and Mando Print Mini Cosplay Backpack

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Columbia The Child Jacket: $80

This is one for aspiring Jedi everywhere. It's a super cozy and warm jacket from Columbia that's designed to protect kids from the elements with a water-resistant shell, snug insulation, Omni-Heat lining and a fluffy Sherpa hood shaped like Baby Yoda's head.

Columbia The Child Jacket

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Chocolate Ball Filled With Surprise The Child Marshmallow Treat: $20

For the sweet tooth on your list, there's this chocolate ball— and just like Baby Yoda, it is full of surprises. Just break open this sphere of Belgian milk chocolate to discover a sweet green marshmallow shaped like The Child within. It's almost too cute to eat! Almost.

Chocolate Ball Filled With Surprise The Child Marshmallow

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Williams Sonoma Nevarro Nummies Macarons: $49.95 

If you were curious about those vibrant teal macarons Grogu was snacking on in The Mandalorian earlier this year, wonder no further, because Williams Sonoma is selling official versions of them. However, if you're put off by the high price tag (and the fact that the color is totally inaccurate to what was in the show), may we suggest ma-ka-rohn's Toasted Marshmallow macs instead? They're much closer to the actual color, and at $2.19 each (and with frequent sales), you can get almost double for the same price—and throw in other fun flavors to your heart's content.

Williams Sonoma Nevarro Nummies

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The Child Ugly Sweater: $34.99 

Yes, the word "ugly" is a huge misnomer for this preposterously cute Christmas Sweater from Numskull Designs. It's 100% knitted (not printed) with high-quality yarn, and displays The Child in his carrier amid falling snowflakes, with a cute Mando helmet pattern across the bottom for good measure. This one is a must for all of your socially distanced holiday parties.

The Child Ugly Christmas Sweater

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The Child Gift Set: $14.99 

Feeling that winter chill creeping in? Fight off the cold with this set of Baby Yoda socks and a Beanie, also from Numskull Designs. These ones are all about embracing the enduring cuteness of Grogu, and just looking at them makes us smile.

Numskull The Child Gift Set

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The Child Zip-Up Stationery Kit: $16.99

Just because back-to-school season is over doesn't mean it's not the perfect time to up your school supply game. This cute little stationery kit includes an adorable pouch, as well as a drawing pad, markers, colored pencils, regular pencils, a glue stick, eraser, pencil sharpener, pen, stencil ruler and mini scissors. This set is sure to help anyone get their homework done in style.

The Child Zip-up stationery kit

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The Bounty Collection The Child 2.2-Inch Collectibles: $15.99

These little 2.2-inch collectible figurines of Gorgu are so adorable that you're going to want them all. We love this stylized version of the Child and how these six figures encapsulate all of his most iconic moments and poses. They come in sets of two, so if you love them, don't hesitate to collect them all.

The Bounty Collection The Child Collectibles

(via Hasbro Pulse)


The Child 11″ Plush: $16 

We've been proud owners of this sweet Grogu plush for a while now, and we couldn't be happier with him. With his embroidered features and soft faux suede coat with super fuzzy details, he is so cuddly, making him the perfect plush to snuggle up with before bed as you rewatch The Mandalorian for the hundredth time.

The Child 11' Plush

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The Child Magnetic Shoulder Plush: $19.99

Want to bring Grogu along with you everywhere you go? Then this tiny shoulder plush is precisely what you've been looking for. It comes with a little magnet that you can stick under your shirt at your shoulder, securing the baby in place for any adventures you embark upon together.

The Child Magnetic Shoulder Plush

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The Child Real Moves Plush: $69.99

If you desire the most realistic Grogu-babysitting experience possible, you'll want to go with The Child Real Moves Plush. It's currently in pre-order, becoming available Dec. 9, but the wait will be well worth it. This cutie comes with a remote control and allows you to control the baby—which is more than the Mandalorian can say.

The Child Real Moves Plush

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