How to Be an A+ Babysitter

If you're a Disney Channel enthusiast, you know exactly what today is. It's the premiere of the 100th DCOM, Adventures in Babysitting.

"Adventures in Babysitting" movie poster

(Adventures in Babysitting via Disney Channel)

We couldn't think of a better way to honor the movie premiere and our fave occupation, than by delivering advice on how to nail your next babysitting gig.

Follow these seven simple guidelines, and chances are you'll be the babysitter of choice next time mom and dad want to pop out for date night.

Let the adventures begin!


1. Avoid Turning on the TV

Sure, turning on the TV is the least taxing way to entertain the kids you're babysitting, but it's also the laziest. Be creative and have fun with the job! If you turn off the TV, you open up the possibility of getting your creative juices flowing. Play a game, go outside and get those kids—and you—out of the comfort zone.

Girl Meets World's Rowan Blanchard and Sabrina Carpenter watching tv

(Girl Meets World via Disney Channel)


2. Come Prepared

You can never be too prepared for a babysitting gig. Come with questions for the parents. Find out before they leave where they'll be going, get their phone numbers and make sure you know exactly what to do in case of an emergency.  If you can, bring a box of old games from your house. Presenting a game or new set of activities to the kids will get them pumped, and will help you break the ice.

Sofia Carson using a fire extinguisher in "Adventures in Babysitting"

(Adventures in Babysitting via Disney Channel)


3. Listen to the Kids

Okay, this one is so critical. Put away your phone, stop texting and be fully present while you're with the kids. Listen to what they have to say and what they want to do, and do your best to engage! They'll truly appreciate your full attention.

Still from "Good Luck Charlie" where Charlie is holing the babysitter's hand

(Good Luck Charlie via Disney Channel)


4. Find Activities You and the Kids Like

If you're having fun, it's more likely that the kids will have fun, too. Give the children options of activities that you're interested in. If you like playing music, suggest you make a playlist together. If you love playing sports, ask if they want to go outside and kick a soccer ball around. Who says you can't have fun while you're working?

Maddie Ziegler playing the violin on "Austin & Ally"

(Austin & Ally via Disney Channel)


5. Take a Field Trip

If the parents give you permission, it's a great idea to take the kids somewhere new to explore. Is there a kid-friendly art exhibit, a pizza joint or arcade you've been wanting to check out? Now's your chance to try it out with your babysitting buddies in tow.

Still from Disney Channel's "Adventures in Babysitting" starring Sabrina Carpenter and Sofia Carson

(Adventures in Babysitting via Disney Channel)


6. Be Nice, but Authoritative

At the end of the day, you have to remember that you are the babysitter and they are the babysittees. Their parents have given you the rules, and if the kids choose to break them, you're the rule-enforcer for the time being.  You probs want these kids to love you and give you an enthusiastic review, but that doesn't mean you should let them stay up way past their bedtime! Lay down the law—it's ok to kindly demand respect. ????

Dove Cameron wearing a red sweater in a scene from "Liv & Maddie"

(Liv & Maddie via Disney Channel)


7. Give the Parents a Truthful Report

No matter how badly you want the kids to like you and the parents to hire you again, always be honest when you report back about the children's behavior. If they misbehaved, let the parents know, and maybe they can offer you some helpful advice on how to better handle the situation next time. See, honesty is the best policy.

Jessie and Mrs. Ross from Disney Channel's "Jessie" talking

(Jessie via Disney Channel)

Make sure to tune into Disney Channel tonight at 8:00 p.m. ET to watch Adventures in Babysitting!


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