This Magic Spray Gets Rid of Odor, Germs and Stains—and You Can Use It on ANYTHING

On National Meditation Day, back in May, I headed to ROOTED Beings in Manhattan Beach, California, for a relaxing afternoon event full of tea, musings and homemade healthy treats.

I expected to leave feeling zen (which I did), but I also left with a bottle of Back to Basics Cleaner Than Clean solution.

As I departed the cute event, they had a few vendors selling their own goods—one of which was this spray. I walked into the vendor room curious about what was being offered, and within moments, wellness expert and founder Ashleigh Frager totally sold me on this spray—which is not only super inexpensive and non-toxic but promises to be more than an ordinary cleaning spray. I'd never heard of anything like this before and had to give it a whirl.

The Product

Let's start with the remarkable price of this versatile solution: $9.99 (8 oz.). I decided to go big and opted for the $19.99 bottle (32 oz.).

Why was I so compelled to make this purchase? This product, free of phthalates, toxins, sulfates, fragrance and alcohol, is said (on its website) to be a "multi-action deodorizer and cleaner [that] will eliminate stink and mess from your life like never before." With hypochlorous acid as its main ingredient, Ashleigh explained to me that this product gets rid of stains, odors and bacteria.

Whether you're headed somewhere straight from soccer practice and you don't want to reek of sweat, or you've spilled something stinky all over your floor, this product is supposed to handle all of that. I couldn't wait to give it a go.


The Experience

As soon as I got home from the event, I had to put this to the test. It just so happens I went spray tanning the day prior, and my favorite bra had that classic Versa Spa scent we know and (not so much) love. I spritzed the bottle all over the bra a handful of times and left it on a chair to dry before checking it out in the morning. Sure enough, the spray neutralized the odor, making it smell like a new, store-bought item that hadn't been worn all day on a person who just went spray tanning.

I waited a while longer before officially deciding to review the product because I wanted to try it in different scenarios. Unluckily for me (but luckily for this project), a friend came over recently with her adorable, puppy. I was very hesitant, but she brought over those puppy potty training pads and insisted she'd have her eyes on the li'l guy all day. Welp! Sure enough, the dog peed all over my rug. I was beyond annoyed until I remembered I had the spray. I doused that rug with the solution and waited 24 hours for results. Sure enough, the urine odor dissipated, but there was a little bit of that wet residue smell that lingered for a few days. It eventually went away, too.

Brittney at America's first dog cafe

The final trial occurred on my bed. Somehow, I thought it'd be wise to eat Chicken Tikka Masala under the covers. Wrong! Naturally, I spilled—but immediately spritzed some spray on the stain. I didn't bother dabbing it with a towel or cloth. I was more curious to see how much would go away with just spraying alone. It took a day or two, but, eventually, the stain was minimal, and once I threw my sheets into the wash, it disappeared altogether.


Bottom Line

Whether or not you have the same luck I do, this product does more good than harm. There are zero toxic ingredients in the spray, it's safe to use on literally anything (hair and body included) and it doesn't have any fragrance, so it shouldn't be offensive to your nose or cause an allergic reaction. Also, for such a powerful product, the price really can't be beaten. I think it's worth giving this spray a shot. At the very least, if it doesn't work the way you want it to, it certainly won't do any harm.

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