Our Favorite 2019 Back-to-School Supplies

Our favorite part of going back to school is shopping, duh. Picking out clothes and shoes is the easy part because we get to switch it up every day, but school supplies are the things we have to live with the whole year.

2019 is all about making a statement, so throw simplicity out the window. Below, check out our favorite 2019 back-to-school supplies:

Yoobi Coral Winky Eye 1 Inch Binder: $4.29

This bad boy can hold up to 250 sheets and is a total eye-catcher. The winky eye repetition is on-trend and cute enough to show off in the hallway.


(via Yoobi)


Sonix Velvet Laptop Clutch Case: $55

Since your laptop will most likely be glued to your hip come Fall, this velvet case is a necessity. Shades of mustard and gold are the colors of the moment, so hop on it before it's out of stock.


(via Urban Outfitters)


Pixel Eyewear Luna Blue Light Glasses: $95

If you don't know what blue light glasses are, you're late to the game. They protect your eyes from the digital screens we use every day, lessening eye strain and headaches. This cat-eye pair is an adorable statement piece for your first day back.


(via Pixel Eyewear)


Erin Condren Llama Lineup Academic Calendar: $37

Get some organizational help from these adorable llamas. You'll become so obsessed with planning and scheduling that it will ultimately lead to better grades and hopefully less stress.


(via Erin Condren)


Rebecca Minkoff Always On M.A.B. Backpack: $195

The combination of black and gold is chic and timeless. This backpack features beautifully crafted gold hardware and multiple compartments big enough to fit all of your supplies.


(via Rebecca Minkoff)


Ban.do Lookin Good Daisy Compact Mirror: $20

In between classes and lunch, this pocket mirror is the perfect size to slyly check your makeup. After all, you don't want to be roaming the halls all day with food stuck in your teeth!


(via Ban.do)


SoYoung Lunch Poche Bag: $44

This must-have lunch bag pairs perfectly with the Rebecca Minkoff backpack. Say goodbye to brown paper bags and hello to a new, sustainable and downright cute method to carrying your lunches.


(via Anthropologie)


BIC Brite Liner Highlighters: $3.58

This assortment of highlighters will work wonders for your organization techniques. With five fun, bright colors to choose from, it will be easy to differentiate and highlight in your planner, notes and books.


(via Amazon Prime)


Yoobi Spiral Notebook – Avocado: $8.99

Attention all avocado lovers: This spiral notebook is calling your name. If you typically avoid taking notes, this cutie notebook will make learning fun. PLUS – it includes an avocado pouch.


(via Yoobi)


Ban.do Write On Pencil Set – Take Care: $10

We all need a little bit of motivation every now and then, so why not let our pencils do the job? "Let your mind wander" and "It doesn't have to be perfect" are just some of the cute sayings engraved on these handy pencils.


(via Ban.do)


Rosie Harbottle Quincy Pencil Pouch: $28

Since you'll be using your pencil case every day, it's important to find a sturdy—and more importantly—cute one. This pouch gets the job done and is the perfect size to carry all of your writing utensils.


(via Anthropologie)


Paper Source What Mistake? Giant Pink Eraser: $7.95

If you're anything like us, you go through erasers at lightning-speed. We're all about this giant eraser, but since it's so cute, we're tempted to not even use it!


(via Paper Source)


Post-it Notes – Cape Town Collection: $5

Post-it notes are multi-functional, so we like to use them in any situation we can! Whether we're leaving ourselves a reminder or slapping a note on a friend's locker, sticky notes are a must for the new school year.


(via Staples)


Chloé Fleur de Parfum Rollerball: $30

In between gym and chemistry, make sure you're still smelling fresh. Chloé's rollerball is easy to apply and will leave your classmates wondering how you manage to smell so good throughout the day.


(via Sephora)


ME to WE Hexagon Silver Pen: $2.99

With the purchase of every ME to WE product at Walgreens, teachers are able to gain access to resources and materials concerning social issues. So not only are you getting a cute set of pens, but you're also helping out y0ur educators.


(via Walgreens)


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