Zendaya and Ross Lynch On How To Win Back To School Season

We hate to break it to you, but back to school season is right around the corner. Of course, the big first day doesn't need to fill you with dread! Take some advice from Disney Channel's biggest stars, from Alli Simpson to Zendaya, to find out how to thrive at school, and look fierce in the process.

Peyton List:  "When you go back to school, you want to stand out and look super cute! I always plan my outfit a long time before." (via M Magazine)

Laura Marano just wants you to stay in school! 

China Anne McClain: "Don't be afraid to meet new people and make new friends. There is always someone at your school who's as nervous as you are about socializing with new people. Discipline yourself when it comes to homework. Not doing it isn't worth the stress of getting behind."(via Scholastic)

Calum Worthy's biggest piece of advice to just to have fun. School doesn't last forever! Once you're done, you've got to move out into the real world. *shivers*

Olivia Holt: "My best tip is to sit there and think about how this is going to be a new year with new experiences, new friends, and new teachers. Go in with a positive attitude."

Bella Thorne's advice is so sweet and simple we just can't say it better.

Pretty sure that Ross Lynch is just recommending that you get enough sleep and take naps to refresh whenever necessary. Sleep deprivation is so not good for you.

Zendaya: "Never wear your favorite outfit [on the first day] because you have to build up to it. You always wear your cute clothes in the beginning and it's all new head to toe, and then you wear old clothes for the rest of the year." (via Twist Magazine)

Rowan Blanchard reminds us all that homework isn't always fun, but it's important. So do it!

In this video, G Hannelius gives us one of our favorite life lessons of all time: "Being smart is the coolest thing ever."

Sabrina Carpenter says you should pay attention in school (and stop tweeting at your fave celebrities in the middle of it, no matter how tempting that is!).

Alli Simpson: "When shopping for the new school year: #BEYOU! pick out pieces that you can mix-n-match to show your personality."

What's the #1 thing you're looking forward to most this school year? Share your thoughts, and your own back to school advice, with us in the comments!