5 Affordable Makeup Must-Haves That Will Stay on the Entire Day of School

It's hard enough dealing with the butterflies on your first day of school–you don't need to add stress worrying about runny makeup.

Forget about streaky foundation or flaky mascara and concentrate on the things that really matter, like catching up with your BFFs after the long summer break. We've rounded up five products that will stay put all day, and we've sprinkled in advice on how to apply them. Come last period, your makeup is sure to be as fresh as when you left the house in the AM.

Scroll below for our picks and pointers!

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1. Emori Photo Finish Face Primer: $1.95

Ensure an all-day look starts even before you put actual makeup on. A primer prepares your skin and acts as the perfect canvas for you to begin your makeup-layering. It extends the life of your foundation and can also intensify powder and blush. At less than $2, this primer by Emori is a real winner. Apply it over your moisturizer and let it set before you dab on foundation.

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2. NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat Foundation: $11.38

There is nothing worse than a shiny complexion. To avoid your face looking like the oil from the school pizza you had at lunch, stick to a matte foundation. Our face naturally produces oil, especially when you are in stressful situations. The first day jitters will probably accelerate oil production, but this matte formula from NYX will help keep oil at bay while providing full coverage. This water resistant formula clocks in at less than $12 and packs a punch.


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Eyes are one of the trickiest areas for day-long makeup. Fortunately, there are a lot of really great waterproof formulas that go the extra mile in terms of wear. These types of formulas are meant to stay put even if they come into contact with water, and the result is that they double as super long-wear options. This eyeliner pen is brought to you by cosmetics brand e.l.f. You can use a light touch for a thinner line and press harder on the product during application for a thicker, more dramatic line. This is the type of product you apply in the morning and forget about for the rest of the day.


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4. ColourPop Contempo Pencil: $5

Our love for ColourPop cosmetics runs deep. How can you not love a brand with the best shades that never fade? Ohh, did we mention its jaw-droppingly inexpensive prices? Their Lippie line is heavenly and lasts forever. It's a known fact that using a lip pencil before applying your lip color will help "seal" things in place. Make sure to stay as close to your natural lip line as possible, you want to avoid a "fake lip" situation at all costs. While we totally dig a bright hue, we recommend going with a natural or nude shade during school hours.


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5. Etude House Dear Darling Water Tint: $4.10

"Stain" formulas were dubbed that for a reason—they literally color your skin and are hard to wash off. Water-based stain formulas are a special breed of stubborn, and sometimes, so are their prices. You can imagine our excitement when we found this cheek tint for under $5. These type of tints can be a bit tricky to apply, but once they come on, it's hard to get them off. Use your fingertips or a beauty sponge to apply. Smile hard as you quickly blend in the color to the apple of your cheeks and layer on the product until you reach the color intensity you want. If you didn't use a sponge, wash your fingertips immediately to avoid stained fingers.


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