11 Items That Will Instantly Upgrade Your Bedroom for Back to School

Summer is coming to an end, and we know you're probably not as amped to start school as you were to start summer vacation. We totally get it.

One thing that always gets us excited for a new year of classes is getting organized. Maybe your school supplies and first day outfit are already ready, but what about your room? Having a tidy and cozy study sanctuary can make doing your school work so much easier.

Check out the 11 items that will make your room bearable for the many study sessions to come.

1. Plush Donut Speaker: $32.99

What's a study sesh without some jams? This plush pillow has built-in speakers and a motivational message for when you're feeling completely swamped with your work load. Donut give up! ????

Plush donut speaker from PBTeen

(via PBTeen)


2. Empowering Wall Decal: $49

If you're needing something a little more inspirational than just that plush pillow, let this wall decal motivate you. Decals are great because there's no commitment. You can easily change it out if you want a new look or saying.

Wall decal that says, "Be cool. Be Smart. Be Brave. Stay Calm. Never Give Up."

(via PBTeen)


3. Star String Lights: $24.95

If you're going for a relaxed/whimsical look, try draping a few string lights throughout your room. It will brighten the room and your mood. And did we mention these star lights are fairy-approved?

Small star string lights

(via Pier 1)


4. Bouncy Ball Chair: $119

Who wants to sit in a boring old desk chair when you can bounce around in this faux-fur roller desk chair? Sitting still for hours while doing homework will be a thing of the past.

Bouncy ball desk chair with a fur cover

(via PBTeen)


5. Chalkboard Wall Paper: $9.95

Make use of all your wall space by sticking on this chalkboard paper. You can scribble out all your to-do lists or just doodle designs when you need a mental break.

Chalkboard wall paper

(via Etsy)


6. Southwestern Teepee: $89.99

For all you girls who have ever dreamed of having your very own fort, we've got you covered. This mini Southwestern teepee will be the perfect (and not to mention the coziest) addition to your bedroom. You can cuddle up in there and do your reading, or simply lounge and watch a movie!

Southwestern black and white teepee for your room (via Target)


7. Wire Wall Grid: $59

Why not display some of your biggest school accomplishments in a chic and practical way? Fill this wire wall grid up with our A+ school assignments and your fave memories from summer to remind yourself you're totally on track.

Wire wall grid that you can hang pictures up on

(via Urban Outfitters)


8. Wall Mounted Light Up Mirror: $229

Fighting for bathroom time in the morning before school is one of the worst things ever. Avoid the bathroom wait line by investing in one of these light up mirrors that you can stick right in your room. You can get ready from head to toe without ever stepping foot out of your safe haven.

Light up vanity with built in shelves from PBTeen

(via PBTeen)


9. Hanging Geode Terrarium: $24

Once school starts, it seems as if we spend so much more time inside than out. Bring a little of the outdoors in by setting up a hanging terrarium by your window. ????????

Hanging Geode Terrarium

(via Urban Outfitters)


10. Mini Fridge: $149

Study hours galore = snacks galore. Who wants to hike all the way to the kitchen fridge when you can have your own mini snack fridge in your bedroom? This thing is perfect for storing drinks, fruit and all your other fave nibbles.

Mini Fridge for your Bedroom

(via Urban Outfitters)


11. Rocking Alarm Clock: $54.99

Waking up for school is not easy. It's just a fact of life. If we have to wake up, we might as well wake up with some tunes. This rockin' alarm clock will boost your mood and get you dancing early in the AM.

Alarm clock with built in speakers

(via PBTeen)


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