Expert Shares Best Ways to DIY Decorate Your School Supplies—Even WFH

Getting back to the books can be a major drag, but personalizing your new school supplies can help soften the blow.

Unfortunately this year, you may be stuck taking in your education from home, thanks to coronavirus. But that doesn't mean you can't still spice up your classroom accessories. In fact, Zulily's Family Shopping Expert Lindsay Reynolds strongly suggests a few items in particular that you'll feel so much happier decorating to make your own. She also provides links to inspo and guidance on how to complete the task, so you won't be left in the cold.

Keep reading for Lindsay's five back-to-school items you should totally DIY—even working from home!

1. Cover Your General School Supplies With Stickers

I'm a huge fan of stickers: they're a fun way to express creativity and go back to school in style no matter what you have to decorate, like backpacks, book covers, laptops and even desk calendars. They're a fun way to draw attention to a date, like your BFF's birthday! You can find some fun calendars in Zulily's new Back to Class shop. And you can even find some fun digital stickers on Zulily's GIPHY page.


(via Zulily)


2. Watercolor Your Workspace

Having a designated workstation to study, draw or video chat friends is a great way to establish a sense of routine. But routines don't have to be boring! Make your space more personalized by creating a minimal and unique piece of art with craft supplies: Experiment with paint, glitter glue and more on canvas, cloth or paper. And, you can easily update or swap art to freshen up your space.


(via Zulily)


3. Tie-Dye Those Tees

We all know tie-dye is trending in 2020, and there are no signs it's slowing down. If you have a white T-shirt or socks handy, tie-dye can be the ultimate way to make it go from bland to bold. The color options are endless and it can even be a sneaky way to cover up a stain on that shirt you just bought! Or, if you're worried about the mess but still want to sport some cool tie-dye, Zulily has a handful of options.


(via Zulily)


4. Pin It On

Choose your favorite enamel pins, grab your worn-out high top sneakers and get creative! What I love about pins is that you can change them every day to match your mood. However, the fun doesn't stop with sneakers—pins can be added to denim jackets, jeans or even scrunchies. And they can be great gifts for friends!


5. Keep Your Nails Fun

Home or at school, your nails need to be on point. From nail wraps that make "painting" a breeze, to traditional polish in an array of colors, upgrading your nail art game can be one of the simplest ways to express your sense of style. Plus, "Mani Mondays" make for a fun, at-home activity, and will keep your nail upkeep on schedule.


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