Check Out This Back-to-School Yoobi DIY With Muser Riley Lewis

As much as we don't want summer to end, there is one thing that makes it all worth it: back to school shopping!

Nothing says "fresh start" like a brand new backpack full of cute school supplies to kick the year off right.

We invited our fave muser triplets—Riley, Dakota and Madison Lewis—to customize a whole slew of awesome school gear from Yoobi right here at Sweety High. Not only does Yoobi make the most adorable supplies, but every time you buy an item, one gets donated to a classroom in need! In just the year and a half since Yoobi launched, they have directly impacted more than one million kids in schools across the U.S. Now that's a curriculum we can get behind!


Riley customized this holographic bag with Yoobi stickers, patches and pins for a back to school tote that will totally turn heads. Check out the video below to see what Riley created, and get inspired for your own back-to-school haul!

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