15 Reasons We're Actually Looking Forward to Going Back to School

Stop kidding yourself, not everything about going back to school is bad.

Summer may have been a blast, but aren't you just the tiniest bit excited to say adios to lazy days and swimsuits and hello to school books and fall boots?

High School students smiling with notebooks

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Get excited, these are the 15 things we're guessing you're most looking forward to when the first school bell rings.

1.  Wearing a Fierce First Day Outfit

Half the fun of your first day back at school is showing off that outfit you saved up for all summer long. Gliding through those school doors looking confident, chic and composed is an indescribable feeling you wouldn't trade for anything—not even an extra day or two of vacation.

2. Rocking the Perfect Backpack

Getting a new backpack is low-key one of your favorite parts of back-to-school shopping. You'll be wearing this accessory all year long, so we don't blame you if you spend hours mulling over which style and brand suits you best.

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3. Showing Off That Summer Glow and New Ear Piercing

After a long, hot summer, you have a nice tan and some new feature to show off in your appearance. Whether it be a new haircut or a brand new double piercing, you can't wait to get to school to show all your friends how much you've transformed in the summer months.

4. Toting Around School Supplies Galore

Your second favorite part of school shopping is scoring the best school supplies. From the cutest little pencil pouch to a functional but adorable lunch bag, you're all about the accessories. It's a heavenly feeling when you sit down in class and pull out some sharp pencils and a brand new spiral notebook.

5. Breezing Through "Syllabus Week"

The first week of school should really just be called "syllabus week" because all you really do the first five days is read about what you're going to be doing all year long. It's your fave week of the year because homework is typically minimal and you feel relatively stress-free.

6. Having a Fresh New Slate for Grades

New year means new grades. Nothing is quite as satisfying as knowing you have the possibility of acing all your classes. With a clean slate, you feel like you can and will overcome any hurdle.

"A-" grade written and circled in red

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7. Seeing Your Crush Everyday

One of the worst parts of summer was not being able to have your eyes on that cutie you've been crushin' on. Now that school is back in session, you have at least eight hours a day to potentially run into the boy of your dreams on school turf. Fingers crossed he's in your homeroom class!

8. Getting to Know Your New Teachers

Learning about your teachers and picking a new fave is all part of your first week back. You'll quickly get to know which professors are all about assigning homework and which ones are more about having you interact with hands-on learning. You know you missed that wise teacher advice over the long summer months. ????????

9. Decking Your Locker Out

Is it just us, or do you also feel like you're becoming a little interior designer when you begin to deck out your locker for the year? Buying trinkets and accessories to make your space feel homey is a blast.


10. Getting to Hang Out With Your Besties at Lunch

So maybe you've been hanging out with your girl squad all summer long, but you're still thrilled (and feel right at home) sitting in the caf with your girls by your side. You can chat about all the new kids in your classes and what your weekend slumber party plans look like.

Three teen girls eating lunch together at school

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11. Making a Whole Bunch of New Friends

Making friends during the summer months isn't as easy as you'd think. Having 25 new kids in each of your classes is like winning the jackpot for meeting new people. After only a week of classes, your cell phone will be full of new numbers and you'll have many potential new best-friendships in the works. Score.

12. Having Your Fave Caf Staple

Maybe cafeteria food isn't the greatest thing you've ever tasted, but after a few months away, your taste buds are craving the caf pizza and chicken fingers. The first day back you can fill your plate to the brim and chow down.

13. Joining Way Too Many Clubs

The possibilities are endless between after school sports and that new outdoor adventure club you've been dying to check out. Being busy is just one of the many things that keeps you going in a fresh new school year.

Girl playing guitar in school band class

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14. Having After School Study Sessions

Studying isn't a drag if you have a fun hangout place to crack open the books. You've secretly missed your fave coffee spot in town and there will soon be a Pumpkin Spice Latte calling your name!

15. Attending School Sporting Events

Nothing is better than homecoming, pep rallies and school spirit. That is all.


See? school isn't too bad after all! If you want to be sure that you conquer your first day and walk in feeling full of confidence, check out THESE four pieces of advice for a stellar entrance.