Back-to-School Essentials Your Closet Needs for This Fall

If there's one thing that hardly changes over time, it's the thrill of the back-to-school season—especially when it comes to back-to-school shopping.

Whether you're entering the fifth grade or your senior year of high school, for some reason this time always feels like an opportunity to refresh your look and show off your post-summer break glow up. Make an entrance in the halls this fall with a few essential items that will have you looking your best the whole year long:

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Different Kinds of Denim

Jeans are a back-to-school staple, and thankfully these days we have access to a full range of styles that can easily take your look to the next level. A few types of denim to keep in your closet this school year include:

  • Mom jeans
  • Skinny jeans
  • Bootcut/flare jeans
  • Black denim


Comfy Cardigans

Not only does a cute cardigan keep your fit dress code-friendly, but it also protects you from that dreaded chill that comes with having a seat that's too close to an AC vent or window when the temperatures start to drop in the fall. Try stocking up on some in different colors, textures and lengths so that you have one to layer with any look.

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Nice Neutrals

Neutrals get a bad reputation with a lot of fashion influencers these days, but there's a reason these basic (which doesn't equal boring!) items are always stocked at your favorite stores: they never go out of style. Basic black, white, khaki and even army green items can create a solid base for an outfit that blows your peers away, and they're great for layering with other items on this list as well.

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Accessories That Get an A+

Sometimes, all it takes to give your closet the boost it needs is a few solid accessories. These little details can take an outfit from failing to top-of-the-class in no time, and they can be super inexpensive as well. Try layering some necklaces for visual interest, or add a belt to an otherwise boring dress for an easy upgrade.


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