Back To School With EyeDoll Chatter: CONTEST CLOSED

Back to school time is right around the corner for some students, and this time of year, makeup can be a point of contention between you and your mom. How will makeup affect your skin, and how much is appropriate to wear at school?Back To School Makeup With EyeDoll Chatter

Kali Sharp, creator of all-natural EyeDoll Chatter cosmetics, shared some guidelines on school-appropriate makeup for tweens and teens that might help you and your parents come to an agreement on the makeup issue! CONTEST CLOSED

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Start small: When you're a tween, it's totally unnecessary to wear a full face of makeup! Young skin doesn't require a touch of foundation. In fact, Sharp advises against it. However, it's important to wear sunscreen every day to keep your skin healthy!

Reveal the truth: Your favorite celebrities might look totally gorgeous in magazines, but what you see is not necessarily reality! Most magazines use camera tricks, airbrushing and retouching to make the stars look thinner, remove blemishes and generally make them look more "perfect," but what they're really doing is setting impossible expectations of beauty! In real life, most stars go about their daily lives in little to no makeup, so don't let the magazines affect your confidence! Check out the Dove Evolution video below to see what we're talking about.

Promote natural beauty: If you're just starting to experiment with makeup, keep things simple. Try some color on your lips, eyes and cheeks. Sheer products are great because they give a hint of color while allowing your natural beauty to take center stage!

A little goes a long way: If you're going to use makeup, use it to class up your look. Keep things simple and don't be too showy! For example, Sharp suggests using clear eyebrow gel not only to groom eyebrows, as for use as a "mascara" of sorts!

Simplicity is key: A simple and fresh look is perfect for school! For events that don't happen everyday, like dances and parties, it's great to add a little bit of shimmer to glam up the look.

Have fun! Makeup is ever more fun when you can create it yourself! With EyeDoll Chatter kits and minis, you can layer fabulous sheer colors and great scents to customize your own makeup for your lips, eyes and cheeks. With the EyeDoll Chatter iPhone app, you can also share your creations socially!

Monitor ingredients: Read, read, read those ingredient labels on your makeup! When you're young, your skin can be especially sensitive to certain cosmetic ingredients like talcs, dyes and parabens, which can clog pores. Mineral-based makeup, like EyeDoll Chatter, is often the easiest on young skin!

We hope that Sharp's tips will help you come to a consensus with your parents on makeup!

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