Memes That Accurately Describe All the Feelings You Have About Going Back to School

Oh, back-to-school season.

We all knew the end of summer was coming eventually, but that didn't mean we adequately prepared for it. One day you're lounging in the sun working on your tan and the next day you're walking into a classroom without so much as pencil trying to claw your way through the school year—it's the circle of life.

Thankfully, we know the best way to beat those back-to-school blues: Memes.

Keep scrolling for 11 memes that accurately describe all the feelings you have about going back to school.

1. Should have appreciated summer while we had it:

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2. Ugh, as if we needed a reminder:

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3. The worst feeling:


4. Pretty much captures the back-to-school feeling:


5. Might be 30 seconds, might be three hours:


6. Summer is not meant for homework:


7. The worst part of the first day:

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8. Half love this, half hate this:

10. Found our back-to-school spirit animal:


11. It's not logical, but it's therapeutic:



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