Back To School Nail Art With G. Hannelius!

In this third installation of G. Nails with G. Hannelius, the Dog With A Blog star shows off a scholastic nail tutorial for back to school nails! As always, G. Nails is brought to you by Sweety High and M Magazine!

Are you back in school yet? Even if you're still on summer break, it's never too early to rock G.'s new academically artistic nail design!

In this new tutorial, G. Hannelius teaches us how to paint cute lined notebook paper nail designs, complete with a big A+ on the accent finger!

She also shares her techniques for perfect white polish, locking in color with Dry + Go Drops, and using striper brushes from one polish for multiple colors! Show off your artistry and use your nails as a mini canvas!

To be a star student and replicate G.'s new nail tutorial, you'll need:

  • Base coat
  • White nail polish
  • Blue nail polish
  • Red acrylic paint
  • Striper brush
  • Detail brush
  • Top coat

Try out the tutorial for yourself and share it with us @sweetyhigh and @G_Hannelius!

If you can't get enough of G. Hannelius and her amazing nail tutorials, be sure to read our interview with her about her collaboration with Mint Nail Polish here, and enter for a chance to win some awesome GxMint prizes!back to school nails g. hannelius

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