5 Organization Tips for a Seamless and Stress-Free Back-to-School Season

Well, friends, we have arrived.

It's officially back-to-school time. Don't get us wrong—we love the crisp edges of a new notebook, choosing first-week-of-school OOTDs and checking things off a to-do list in brand new color-coded pens—but with the excitement of back to school can also come a lot of anxiety. Here are a few tips and tricks to stay organized as you dive into the school year.

1. Pack Your Bag the Night Before

We know life gets hectic with homework and school activities, but packing your bag while you rush through your morning routine may lead to forgetting an important assignment or your fave snack bar. If you're someone who likes to hit snooze more than once (guilty!), this tip is especially important for you. Take a few moments to pack your bag the night before to spare you those frantic extra minutes in the morning and allow you to ease into your day.

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2. Leave Yourself Reminders

Whether you're a to-do list person or a fan of sticky notes, leaving yourself helpful reminders around your room or on the bathroom mirror is a great way to stay organized. This is especially important when it comes to last-minute things you can't do the night before, like remembering to bring your lunch or grab something out of the drier. For example, "Don't forget to pack your gym uniform!" or "Bring presentation materials!" By taking the time to give yourself reminders, you avoid that dreaded feeling of realizing you forgot something important and trying not to freak out in the middle of class. Plus, it's an excuse to get a cute notepad or Post-its in a fun color!

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3. Plan Your OOTDs

Okay, so if you're sensing a theme here, it's basically that planning ahead makes life easier. How many mornings have we all spent rifling through our closet uber frustrated about the fact that we just can't find the right outfit? The limit does not exist. By picking your outfit the night before and laying it out (we mean like, down to the bra, undies, shoes and socks), you can get ready with ease and confidence in the morning. This gives you extra time to try out a fun hairstyle or master a new makeup technique without any wardrobe woes.

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4. Make a Schedule

This one may seem obvious, but between Instagram, Tiktok, and whatever newest Netflix series we're all bingeing, time management can be tough. Create a schedule in your planner or phone and stick to it as much as you can. By breaking tasks down into manageable chunks, you allow yourself to really enjoy your relaxation time and use it to truly recharge. If you're a procrastinator, this will benefit you majorly! Rather than leaving that huge research paper until the night before, break it down into smaller tasks. For example, from 5 to 7 on Monday you'll dig into research, from Tuesday 5 to 7 you'll dig into your body paragraphs and so on.

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5. Ask For Help

Finally, it's tough to stay organized on your own. To quote literally every celebrity's Instagram during awards season, "it takes a village." It's okay to have an accountability buddy for projects, a mentor you check in with, or a fun study group. Maybe you get together with friends after school and reward yourselves with watching a show when you're all done with your work, or you and a bestie do a check-in text to help each other stay on top of school work. We all need extra support sometimes, and asking for help from a friend or mentor is a great way to stay organized.

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