LISTEN: The Back To School Playlist That's Perfect For You!

Heading back to school after three fabulous months of freedom is something none of us look forward to, so we're here to make sure you are psyched for your classes! We have blessed you with some epic playlists inspired by your favorite school subjects. Whether you're a math wizard or an artistic spirit, there's a playlist that's perfect for you!


Art Class Playlist

If you love your art class, whether it be theater arts or drawing and painting, you are the creative one in your group of friends. You also love expressing yourself in your art and have a flare for all things dramatic. Start your day off right by listening to this playlist featuring Jacob Whitesides and Tori Kelly to ignite the creative spark within you.


Math Class Playlist

If you are most excited for math class, you totally have your life together. You're always on schedule and, chances are, you have the most organized locker out of anyone ever! Listen to this playlist, with artists like Ed Sheeran and Maddie & Tae, while your organizing your backpack before you head to school.


History Class Playlist

If history class is more your speed, you have one bold personality. You love learning about people who have left their marks on the world, because you hope to be just like them in the future. Obviously you need to prepare for school by listening to some serious dance jams from artists like Fifth Harmony and One Direction.


Science Class Playlist

If science is your favorite subject, you want to know everything about everything. You are continually amazed by the world around you and live life with a curious outlook. A playlist inspired by your curiosity, featuring artists like Sabrina Carpenter and Shawn Mendes, is the perfect thing to blast to prepare for the school day.


P.E. Class Playlist

If P.E. is the subject that speaks your language, you need plenty of activity in your life. And you're probably on your way to becoming an Olympian with all the sports you play. This playlist, that has songs from artists like Alex Angelo and Bea Miller, will get you ready for an epic game of dodgeball with your BFFs in gym.


Now that you have the ultimate playlist to play in the car on the way to school, but do you have the perfect back to school outfit? If you're still deciding, we're pretty sure you're experiencing these 11 stages of trying to find just the right outfit.