Back to School Products That Will Help With Productivity

Due to Covid-19, school is looking pretty different this year.

Whether you're doing only online learning or get to go on campus for a few classes each week, it's safe to say you're undergoing lots of change. From staggered schedules to virtual classes to a lack of motivation, we're all dealing with tough situations.

Since your learning methods are going to be different, the way you learn will also be different. That means new tools, exercises and an optimistic state of mind. Keep scrolling for some back to school products that will help with productivity:

Touchland Power Mist in Watermelon: $12

The last thing you want to worry about during school hours is cleanliness. You should be focusing on your studies—not germs! That's why carrying around a portable hand sanitizer is so important. Touchland's products are one-of-a-kind, as they come in a spray form and delicious fragrances. Watermelon is hands-down our favorite scent and is blended with ingredients like aloe vera and essential oils.

hand sanitizer mist

(via Touchland)


Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard for Mac: $39.99

There's just something about products that are both practical and cute. When it comes to keyboards, most are simply not attractive! They're boring, stark and something we don't like to show off. With Logitech's K380 keyboard, however, it's a total gamechanger. Featuring Bluetooth capabilities and a darling blush color, this keyboard is definitely going to be prominently displayed on our desks this year. Plus, it's portable, AKA, perfect to bring to your fave coffee shop!


(via Logitech)


Logitech Design Collection Wireless Mouse: $29.99

When it comes to a computer mouse, finding one that clicks just right, glides smoothly and looks cute is few and far between to come by. However, Logitech made a mouse that does it all! Their design collection wireless mouse comes in multiple patterns at a fraction of the cost of most on the market. Featuring a long battery life, a comfy grip and a portable nature, this mouse needs to go in your shopping cart, stat!

computer mouse

(via Logitech)


Barner Kreuzberg Blue Light Glasses in Havana: $139

As we get older, our eyesight gets worse—it's an unfortunate fact of life. That's why blue light glasses are an absolute must. Barner Brand is known for their stylish blue light glasses that can also have a prescription. We're loving their Kreuzberg style which is handcrafted in Italy and made with the most high quality of materials.

blue light glasses

(via Barner Brand)


The Happy Planner Classic Custom Happy Planner in Farmhouse Florals: $39.99

Staying organized needs to be a priority in all of our lives, and with The Happy Planner, they make it way easier. This dated planner is perfect for going back to school, as there's enough room to list out everything you could ever need. Whether it's a reminder of the assignments you have coming up, tests you need to study for or any assortment of other notes, this planner will take your productivity to the next level.

daily planner

(via The Happy Planner)


Bath & Body Works Sweater Weather Hand Cream: $6.50

Since we've been washing our hands way more often and for longer durations of time, you might notice your hands getting dry. As fall approaches and cold weather starts, hand cream is going to become your best friend. Hands down, Bath & Body Works makes the best hand creams out there. We're obsessed with the sweater weather scent, which has notes of apple, leaves and the woods.

bath and body works hand cream

(via Bath & Body Works)


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