12 Backpacks to Showcase How Extra You Really Are

Choosing the backpack you're going to be stuck with for the rest of the school year is a tough decision.

Do you go with the same ol' Jansport everyone else has or do you opt for a book bag?

If you like to stand out when walking down the hallways, we have some backpack options for you.

Scroll below to check out 12 backpacks that perfectly capture how extra you truly are.

Dinosaur Backpack: $29.26

There's no way you won't get tons of compliments on this adorable backpack.

Dinosaur backpack from Etsy

(via Etsy)


Personalized Unicorn Backpack: $20.61

Because it's personalized, it means that no one else will have the exact same backpack as you. And if someone with your same name happens to get this, too, it comes in four different colors. Choose wisely.

Personalized backpack from Etsy

(via Etsy)


Olde Book Backpack: $24.99

What better backpack to carry all your textbooks in than this one?

Olde book backpack from ThinkGeek

(via ThinkGeek)


Satin Backpack With Tiger and Roses Patches: $65

Anyone who can sport a satin backpack is clearly extra.

Satin backpack with tiger and roses patches from ASOS

(via ASOS)


Hello Kitty Tie Dye Backpack: $40.72

Hello Kitty just became so much cooler.

Hello Kitty tie dye backpack from Hot Topic

(via Hot Topic)


Mermaid Sequins Backpack: $24.99

If you're not a fan of the iridescent teal sequins, you can swipe over them with your hands to switch them to matte black ones. Magic.

Mermaid sequins backpack from ThinkGeek

(via ThinkGeek)


Angel Wings Backpack: $29.20

So everyone knows you're an angel with a bit of a dark side.

Black angel wings backpack from Hot Topic

(via Hot Topic)


Round Backpack: $70

Don't be a square, use a round backpack.

Round backpack fro Mokuyobi

(via Mokuyobi)


Pink Faux Fur Backpack: $40

On Wednesdays we wear pink.

Pink faux fur backpack from Dolls Kill

(via Dolls Kill)


Coca-Cola Can Backpack: $40

It's totally fine to carry only Coke cans in this, right?

Coca-Cola can backpack from ASOS

(via ASOS)


Velvet Pink Lobster Backpack: $60

Bring in the dancing lobsters.

Velvet pink lobster backpack from Skinny Dip London

(via Skinny Dip London)


Hamburger Backpack: $46.17

We love this backpack, but it'd have us craving a hamburger 24/7.

Hamburger backpack from Etsy

(via Etsy)


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