7 Things You'll Need to Camp Out in Your Backyard

Where's the best and most convenient place to go camping? Your own backyard, of course.

As awesome as it is can be to leave your troubles at home and head for the great outdoors, the following items are exactly what you need to bring the wilderness to you for a night or two under the stars with your squad. Scroll through for the complete backyard camping guide.

1. DIY Tent

We know how pricey tents can be, so it's time to get creative. It may not be a real camping trip, but getting those cozy camp vibes is easier than ever with this DIY tent tutorial HERE.

DIY tent

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2. S'mores in a Bag

Because it's not a camping trip at all without s'mores. The best way to do it while out in the wild (ahem, your yard) is to eat them straight out of the bag. Learn how to make this happen HERE.

S'mores in a bag

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3. Cosmic Magical Flames

No campfire is complete without a few cosmic, magical flames. Dazzle the crowd by throwing a few of THESE vibrant color-changing packets into the bonfire.

Cosmic Magical Flames

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4. Star Projector Night Light

Who needs the Milky Way when you can create a whole universe in your own backyard? Hook up THIS starry night projector to peep your own personal starry night without leaving the suburbs.

Star night light projector

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5. Outdoor String Lights

Although the stars should provide plenty of light, add a little extra ambience with THESE outdoor string lights. It's all about the vibe, amirite?

Outdoor string lights

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6. Portable Grill and Fire Pit

We're not sure about you, but we definitely won't camp without a grill and fire pit. THIS handy contraption happens to be both in one. Grill a few hot dogs and hamburgers before it gets dark, then bust out the fire pit at night to keep warm.

Grill and fire pit

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7. Movie Projector Screen

If you really want to get serious, consider buying THIS 60-inch screen projector for an outdoor movie. It's one of the many perks of camping out at home, and the comforts of it are right there, too.

Movie projector screen

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Camping in your backyard is one of our fave summer activities, but sometimes you just need THIS cure when the seasonal boredom sets in.