Some people are really good at dating.

Getting to know people, dealing with all the pressures of a new romance, finding someone they genuinely enjoy spending time with—it all just comes natural to them.

Others of us, however, are not as skilled in the dating game. In fact, we’re downright bad at it.

But our lack of luck in the dating world doesn’t mean we’re above laughing at ourselves. Keep scrolling for 13 memes you’ll relate to if you’re bad at dating.

1. Well, that’s the end of that date:

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2. But if I think really hard they’ll show up right?

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3. Don’t worry, it’ll end:


4. A lot of trash:


5. Oh, that’s what it is:


6. Yep, that sounds about right:


7. Not you:


8. Must protect yourself at all costs:


9. Awesome, talk to you soon:

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10. Ah yes, much more realistic:

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11. Is this not an appropriate response?


12. There’s really nothing more to say:


13. The opposite of playing it cool:


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