11 Memes You'll Relate to If You're Bad at Flirting

Until you've experienced it, you'll never know the painful, awkward struggle of being a bad flirt.

A dry mouth, sweaty palms and long stretches of silence are only a few of the terrible side effects of bad flirting, and don't even get us started on all the stupid questions we end up asking.

While fixing our flirting game takes quite a bit of work, laughing about it doesn't. Keep scrolling for 11 memes you'll relate to if you're bad at flirting.

1. But what's the difference?

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2. It's not the best opener:


3. Sorry, I meant 'hey, what's up':


4. Same:


5. Looking at them takes a lot of courage:


6. Even bad at winking:


7. What a compliment:


8. Everything seems good:

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9. Ugh, autocorrect:


10. It's an important question:

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11. Let's skip the small talk:


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