The​ Fiercest​ "Bad Blood" Halloween Costume Tutorial ​For ​Your Squad ​Is Here!

It is officially October, which means Halloween is just around the corner and you need to find a costume. Having trouble deciding on one? Get your squad together and go as the characters in Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" music video! Follow our tutorial and you will look like you just walked out of the vid.



A layout of a costume for Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" music video character Catastrophe

Here's everything you need to create this look:

  • A simple pair of black shorts – You can literally wear ANY pair of black shorts you can find. If you know someone who plays volleyball, they def have a pair of black spandex you could borrow for the costume.
  • A black spaghetti strap crop top – You can even use a black sports bra to create this look.
  • Black knee high boots – Before you head to the store, see if you can borrow a pair from a friend, a sibling or your mom. If that doesn't work out, Payless has some fabulous boots for $25 if you can find a pair you love on sale!
  • Triangle earrings – Your mom totally has a pair lying around somewhere that you can use!
  • A strong cat eye and a dark plum lip – Tay's cat eye is SUPER intense in this vid, but you can get totally creative with how you want to recreate it.  We recommend the NARS "Stylo" liner for beginners. And you can find a dark lipstick at a CVS or Rite-Aid, if you don't already have some. We think Wet N Wild's "Sugar Plum Fairy" is the perfect shade (and it only costs $2.)



A layout of a costume tutorial for Lily Aldridge's character Frostbyte in Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" music video.

Here's everything you need to create this look:

  • A white crop top – You can use a white tank top you already own and just cut it into a crop top.
  • White high-waisted shorts – White shorts may be hard to find, but don't be afraid to ask your friends if they own a pair! Again, even spandex or white athletic shorts will work.
  • White furry leg warmers – EVERY costume store sells leg warmers, so check there. Just remember that they are meant for your arms and not your legs.
  • A hooded winter coat – You're going to want to dig into your winter closet to find this. Thrift stores are also a great place to look for a cheap winter jacket.
  • White knee high boots – It can be tough to find the perfect white boot, but you can actually nab a great pair at Target for about $35!
  • White eyeshadow – This will bring the whole Frostbyte look together. Covergirl's "Flamed Out" eyeshadow in white will get you exactly the bright glow you're looking for. Find it at Ulta!



A costume tutorial for Cara Delevingne's Mother Chucker character in Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" music video.

Here's everything you need to create this look:

  • Spaghetti strap romper – If you don't own a romper and don't want to buy one, a black tank top tucked into black shorts will create this look just as easily.
  • Black fingerless gloves – You can totally find a pair of these at Claire's or even your dad may own some. If you want to get creative, you can cut up a pair of gloves from a thrift store.
  • A large black purse for you nunchucks – This is a key accessory to totally matching Cara's look in the video. Your mom probably owns an oversized black bag you can borrow, just make sure you don't lose it or you will be grounded for the rest of your life!
  • Black knee high boots – To find the ultimate pair of black knee-high boots, we recommend scouring your local Salvation Army and Goodwill. Not only will the boots be totally vintage and cute, but you can get them for a deal when they're slightly used!
  • A smokey eye – Go cray with your smokey eye game! The bolder the better. We love NYX's Smokey Shadow palette, which you can get at CVS for $7.49. Believe us, you're going to keep using it long after Halloween is over.



A costume tutorial of Zendaya's Cut-Throat character in Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" music video

Here's everything you need to create this look:

  • Black leggings with cutouts – There's no doubt that you already own a pair of leggings that will work for this costume, but you'll need to cut them up. Forever 21 sells leggings for like $5, so you should check there for all your legging needs.
  • A black cutout crop top – Check H&M for a crop top like this one. If you are totally comfortable pulling a DIY, you can cut up a black tank top to get the look.
  • Black platforms – While you're at H&M, don't forget to grab yourself a pair of cute pair of platform wedges. We swear they're easier to walk in than they look.
  • Any dark lipstick color – Again, CVS and Rite-Aid have all the dark lipstick shades you desire. We recommend Revlon Super Lustrous Shine in "Plum Velour."


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