4 Good Things That Come Out of a Bad Date

Bad dates are inevitable.

If every date we went on was an A+, do you think we'd all be sitting around lamenting about how we're single? Trust us, even the girl you most envy has been on a crappy date. Whether it's because the other person was a jerk, or there was zero chemistry, we've all been there.

At Sweety High, we like to look at the glass half full (even if we're gritting our teeth to do so). That's why we're able to see the silver lining during times that make our eyes roll. Keep reading for four good things that come out of going on a bad date:

La La Land date

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1. You Have a Better Sense of What You Want in a Partner/Relationship

Before you went on your most recent bad date, perhaps you were on the fence about certain personal characteristics, or what you value most in a relationship. Maybe you thought you only care about looks but then went out with a total dud and therefore now know you need to date someone really funny or intelligent.

Maybe you're super passionate about going to concerts and thought "opposites attract," only to find that a date turned sour once you and the other person discussed their distaste for live shows.

Whatever the case, going on a bad date helps you take a step back and rethink why you went on out with a certain person, and it will hopefully help you avoid going out with this type in the future.


2. You're Still Putting 'I'm Open to Dating' Energy Out Into the Universe

Regardless of whether your date was straight out of a romantic movie or what your nightmares are made of, every time you step out of your comfort zone and go out with someone, you're telling the universe you're looking for love. Dating is like a domino effect. Either you're not doing it at all, or you start and suddenly the law of attraction has potential suitors flocking to you left and right. Don't let a bad date get you down. Instead, be flattered that the person wanted to at least give it a shot.

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3. It's Practice for Your Next Date

Just like how everyone's been on a bad date, everyone's also done something dumb on a date. Maybe you acted too pushy or asked too many personal questions; maybe you gave off weird vibes of not being interested (even if you were); maybe you were super nervous and fidgeted or spoke too fast the whole time; maybe you showed too much interest.

Regardless of the outcome or what you wish you'd done (or not done), it's only going to help you out moving forward. Take any regrettable actions and make a mental note of what you'd rather do next time. The more lame dates you go on, the more build-up there will be for a good date, and you'll appreciate it that much more. The more dates you go on, the better chances you have of knocking one out of the park.

And you know what? Sometimes there will be bad dates with people you really don't invest in. And, in those cases, you can act however you want, essentially, and test saying or doing certain things to feel out a typical reaction. Based on their response, you'll know how to go about it on your next date with someone else.


4. It Makes for a Great Story to Share With Your Friends

Face the facts: Girls love to gossip. And the only thing better than gabbing about their own love life (or lack thereof) is gabbing about yours. Use this bad date as an excuse to put all your closest gal pals in a group text and compare notes about their last bad dates. Trust us, they'll love hearing your story, and their own stories and input will make you feel so much better about your evening gone amiss.

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Because we like to think positive, we tend to have high hopes when we go out with someone new. Sadly, though, THESE are first date expectations vs. reality.