7 Unforgettable Moments From the Bad Hair Day Premiere

At the premiere of Laura Marano and Leigh-Allyn Baker's new movie Bad Hair Day, we caught up with the cast and their Disney Channel costars, resulting in some of our favorite red carpet moments ever. Do you agree with our highlights?

1. Laura almost gets the Sweety High tag right on the first try… but not quite.

Laura Marano almost gets the Sweety High tagline right

2. Calum Worthy's advice for bad hair days? "Just show up with bad hair."

calum worthy says you should just show up with a bad hair day

3. The Austin & Ally cast's "I'm having a bad hair day" face

Austin and Ally's "Bad Hair Day" faces

4. And the fact that Raini absolutely can't keep a straight face

Austin & Ally cast cracks up

5. Sabrina Carpenter reveals that she once found her cell phone charger inside the fridge

Sabrina Carpenter left her cell phone charger in the fridge

6. Laura Marano spits an epic Bad Hair Day-inspired rap

Laura Marano shares her Bad Hair Day-inspired rap

7. Ross's anxiety about the Friday the 13th premiere of Bad Hair Day: "Watch out for the cracks in the cement…"

Ross Lynch is scared of Friday the 13th

What moment did you love most? Let us know in the comments below and share in the Bad Hair Day excitement at Sweety High.