Things You Need to Keep in Mind When You Get a Bad Haircut

Unless you want Rapunzel-length tresses, getting a haircut is pretty much a necessity.

Unfortunately, it's always a bit of a gamble. You might walk out looking like a supermodel or you may end up resembling a more feminine version of Justin Bieber—there's really no way to tell.

If you end up hating your new 'do, keep in mind that it isn't the end of the world. Keep scrolling for things you need to consider when you get a bad haircut.

Give It Time

While hairdressers are trained to manipulate your locks, they also have their own individual style. Unfortunately, depending on who you go to, their preferences might totally clash with your own. There's nothing worse than being turned around in your chair, only to be faced with a hairdo you would never create on your own. Before you claim that they've completely ruined your hair, give your locks a little time to settle. Don't freak out until you've washed and it styled it yourself. Odds are it'll look better when styled how you want, instead of a salon updo that's totally at odds with your day-to-day tastes.


There Might Be a Way to Fix It

If you decide that you really do hate your haircut, don't be afraid to speak up. After all, you're paying your stylist for a fresh cut—you're allowed to state what you want and to complain if it doesn't meet your standards. But before you tear into them, remember that they're trying their best to give you a complementary style. Take a breath, and patiently let them know exactly what's wrong with your cut. In most cases, there's a simple way to repair the damage. It might be difficult to say in the moment, but it's better than walking around with a hairstyle you hate for the next six weeks.


No One Will Notice

While a bad haircut might seem like the end of the world to you, it's unlikely anyone else will notice. In fact, it's pretty improbable that people will even realize you got a haircut. No one else pays quite as much attention to us as we pay to ourselves. What means so much to you probably won't even register on other people's radar. It doesn't eliminate your frustration, but it can ease your worry to know that others likely won't notice your awful cut.


It'll Grow Back

Most importantly, a bad haircut really isn't as disastrous as it seems. Sure, it's frustrating in the moment, but it's only hair. It will always grow back. And once it does, you can try again to create that cut you've been dreaming of or even find a new stylist that won't ruin your precious tresses. Either way, it will cause a few weeks of annoying discomfort, and then your locks will be right back to normal, no harm done.


You Can Hide It

If you desperately hate your cut and you simply have to wait it out, don't panic. There are plenty of ways to hide a bad trim. Hats, updos, headbands and headscarves can all create trendy looks that simultaneously hide your horrendous cut. It might be frustrating to stuff your hair away until it grows back, but it's important to keep in mind that you can still look trendy and cute, despite your bad haircut.


Stay Optimistic

Keep in mind there are always ways around a bad cut. Whether it's adding extensions to too-short hair, or mastering your messy bun until you like your locks again, you have plenty of options for dealing with an upsetting 'do. If you let yourself get too distracted by the bad, you hair will become a source of constant frustration and worry. Try to stay positive—this one cut won't last forever.


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