7 Halloween Costumes That Need to Be Permanently Retired

Not all Halloween costumes are created equal.

As much as you might think that Halloween gives you a chance to be whatever you want, I strongly disagree. Some costumes are overdone, played out or just plain boring at this point, and should no longer be repeated.

Wondering which costumes you should steer clear from this year? Keep scrolling for 7 Halloween costumes that need to be permanently retired.

1. A Black Cat

Yes, I'm starting with the most basic costume of all—the black cat. Obviously, this costume is a Halloween classic, which is exactly why it should be avoided at all costs. Not only are you sure to match at least 20 other people who you see out on Halloween night, the costume also doesn't afford you any option for creativity or innovation. You just wear black and toss on some cat ears. If you're someone who doesn't appreciate Halloween, the simplicity of this costume is perfect for you, but if you like to take advantage of your one evening a year to dress up as something other than yourself, I suggest you go with something just a little more out-of-the-box.


2. Eggo Waffle Eleven

It's been two years since the premiere of Stranger Things. While Eleven will always be an iconic character, we have to move past carrying a box of Eggo waffles around and creepily staring down the camera. Be Eleven after her makeover, with the slicked back hair and dark clothing. Be Eleven when she's in the water tank in the laboratory. Be Eleven when she's staying with Hopper. Literally be any version of Eleven except the one that involves Eggo waffles. It was already getting old last year, it's undeniably much too overdone to repeat again this year.

Stranger Things: Eleven with slicked black hair and dark makeup

(Stranger Things via Netflix)


3. A Minion

Minions are adorable and hard-to-resist, but it's been years since they were really relevant. Most people choose this costume because it's simple to put together and easily identifiable, but we tend to forget that the first Despicable Me came out in 2010, and people have been taking advantage of this uncomplicated costume ever since. At this point, being a minion just feels lazy and typical. I recommend choosing one of the other hundreds of adorable animated characters for this year's costume because being a minion is becoming almost as cliché as dressing up as a black cat.

Despicable Me: Minions singing

(Despicable Me 3 via Illumination Entertainment)


4. A Hogwarts Student

I'm all for showing off your endless Harry Potter love whenever and wherever you can, but I think we all need to move past just being a general Hogwarts student for Halloween. We get it, you own a Hogwarts robe–at least do something slightly more exciting with it. If anything, pick a specific character to emulate. Or you could even test your art skills and draw a Death Eater tattoo on your arm. Anything to switch up the mundane nature of a Hogwarts robe is enough to get me on board with this costume, and it will show a little more effort than just wrapping yourself in a comfy piece of fabric for the evening.

Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone: Harry, Ron and Hermione arrive at Hogwarts

(Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone via Warner Bros.)

5. Anyone from Bob's Burgers 

Again, I understand the appeal of this costume. It's doesn't require a lot of materials and people automatically know exactly who you are. However, it's on this list precisely because everyone chooses to dress as the Belchers. You're guaranteed to run into at least 10 people with the same costume as you, which massively ruins the funniness and originality of this ensemble. Pick another beloved TV show and leave the Belchers alone, at least for a few years until everyone stops wearing this outfit as their Halloween go-to.

Bob's Burgers: Belcher family watching TV

(Bob's Burgers via Fox)


6. Harley Quinn

Considering how much everyone hated Suicide Squad, it's shocking to me that so many people want to dress up like Harley Quinn. My Instagram was literally filled with pictures of multiple Harley Quinns last year, I would like to avoid a repeat this coming Halloween. Sure, it's identifiable, but much like many of the other ensembles on this list, Harley Quinn is predictable and overdone. Dress up as Black Widow or Wonder Woman if you want a strong female persona for Halloween and leave poor Harley to fade into oblivion in peace.

Suicide Squad: Harley Quinn

(Suicide Squad via DC Entertainment)


7. A Unicorn

The unicorn trend has been going strong for quite a while now, but that doesn't mean we should all still participate in it. Given that there are so many other costume options available, can't we all agree that unicorns have had their day and move on? If anything, embrace the new anti-unicorn trend and at least switch it up a little. You won't get sparkles everywhere and you won't be branded basic–it's a win-win for an innovative Halloween costume.



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