Are You Bogged Down by Negative Vibes? This Candle Will Remove Them From Your Life

I'm generally a pretty positive person.

I wouldn't say I'm a total optimist, but I do try to look on the brighter side of life. But sometimes it's freaking hard, especially up until recently.

The perfect way to sum up where I was in life is with a quote from Michael Scott of The Office.

"I'm going through a little bit of a rough patch. The whole year, actually."

Times had been tough, indeed, and while I'm usually relatively okay at tricking myself into thinking everything's fine, I gave up.

There had been an unnecessary amount of negative vibes all around me and they took over. My towel had been thrown in, allowing negativity to dictate my life.

Just when I thought all was lost, a beacon of hope shone through the darkness.

While mindlessly scrolling through Instagram one evening, I stumbled across a pic of a candle with the words "Bad Spirit Remover" written on its label. Intrigued by this, I dug a little deeper.

I discovered the candle was from House of Intuition, a metaphysical shop dedicated to helping people achieve healing, transformation, empowerment and personal growth. Their Bad Spirit Remover is a part of their collection of magical candles that promises to repel negativity from yourself and your environment.

The next morning, I headed out to West Hollywood, California, to pay a visit to their Melrose Ave location. I chatted with the store's manager, Carol, to learn how to use this magical item to my advantage.

The first part in gaining from this candle is knowing what you want out of it. She said it would be best to write down what I want this candle to bring me and place that sheet of paper underneath the candle as it burned.

I also needed to say a prayer over the candle each day and visualize the outcome I desired through the light of the candle.

Carol mentioned the best place to burn the candle was in some sort of sacred space or an altar. Doing so would help me achieve the best results.

These candles are supposed to be left burning until they go out on their own, but Carol said I could put the candle out, if necessary, by snuffing it. She made it very clear that you shouldn't blow it out, because it would be blowing away your intentions. Not something you want to do.

Armed with this knowledge and my candle, I headed home to light it up.

Bad Spirit Remover candle from House of Intuition on an altar next to incense and crystals

When I got home, I wrote down what I wanted from the candle, meditated with it a bit, envisioning a happier version of myself, then placed it on my altar (of sorts) and lit the wick.

As the flames flickered, I spoke to the candle about where I was at in life. I told it about how I felt so negative all the time and how I didn't want to be this person. It listened.

Each day it burned, I spoke the same words over its flame. I did snuff out the candle a few times, being careful not to blow it out. Once it got towards the bottom, I just let that baby burn.

After about five days, the candle had finally burned all the way down and I was left with two crystals supercharged with my intentions of a more positive outlook. With these stones, Carol mentioned I could either give them back to Mother Earth, place them on my altar or keep them with me. I opted to carry them on me, because I knew I needed them.

A tangerine and red crystal from the bottom of House of Intuition's Bad Spirit Remover candle

It's been two days since the candle finished burning and I've noticed a major change in my demeanor.

I feel a whole lot better. I'm more positive and I haven't been letting things get to me like I used to. I still experience some negative thoughts, but I've been able to catch myself and squash them before they derail my upbeat mood.

Having the crystals on me has definitely helped, too. They keep me grounded and focused on my intentions.

After my experience with this candle, I already know I'll be hitting up House of Intuition on the regular. My bank account won't be very happy, but at least my soul will be. That's really all that matters, isn't it?


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